[RezEd] Two GK projects highlighted at poster session during GLS 

Global Kids projects were the focus of two poster sessions at this weeks GLS, one about the D.I.D.I. initiative and Selen Turkay's awesome study about our Science Through Second Life class at our high school.

We think they were the best posters in the session, but perhaps we're biased. :-)

Images below - enjoy!

[p4k] Final Training for New York Public Library 

Below is a brief video from the final Global Kids' final training for the New York Public Library for the Playing For Keeps Capacity Building Program.

More info about this program at

On March 27, Global Kids held its annual youth-organized conference at Baruch College that brought together 300+ youth and educators from around New York City. The theme of this year's conference was Global Health, with the slogan "Be the Vaccine!"

One of the most remarkable parts of the 2009 GK conference was the live video documentation of the event. Six Global Kids leaders filmed the event "guerilla style," which was then edited on-the-fly by GK staff, resulting in a compilation video about the entire conference that was shown during its closing session. It was a perfect example of the Global Kids's participatory learning approach, having our youth film the conference on their own and for everyone to enjoy the footage that their peers shot. We hope that you enjoy it as well.

[conf] MacArthur Island Launch a Success! 

MacArthur Island Launch Event
We are happy to report that the public launch of MacArthur Island in Second Life was very successful. The launch featured a live conversation between the avatars of Jonathan Fanton, President of the MacArthur Foundation, and Cory Ondrejka, co-founder of Second Life now at EMI.  Over 150 avatars, plus another 20-some viewers of the live webcast, gathered to participate in this discussion on the future of virtual worlds and philanthropy.

Mr. Ondrejka and Mr. Fanton both spoke very well from their respective and unique positions as a virtual world visionary and a philanthropic pioneer.  They described quite movingly the potential of these technologies to promote the public good, spur new kinds of collaborative action, and capture people’s imaginations towards a better future.  And Connie Yowell of the MacArthur Foundation did a fantastic job moderating the discussion, fielding to Mr. Fanton and Mr. Ondrejka a wide range of questions from the virtual audience.

[P4K] When Games Get Serious 

Darren Hayes of the Learning Forward blog posted recently an entry on his thoughts on the Games for Change Toolkit, including thoughts on one of Barry's presentations and his experience playing Ayiti.

You can read his thoughts below or the full entry on his site.

The Toolkit 4 Making Social Issue Games produced by Games for Change is a terrific primer on the state of the industry on serious or social issue games development. This toolkit provides a series of video presentations by leading proponents in the serious games arena and is a great way to start thinking about what’s out there and what’s possible.

In one of the presentations within the toolkit Barry Joseph, Director of the Online Leadership Program for Global Kids, talked about the planning and production of a game called Ayiti, the Cost of Life. “Ayiti” is the Creole word for “Haiti.

We are excited to announce that on Monday May 18, the MacArthur Foundation will be officially launching MacArthur Island in Second Life with a public forum featuring Foundation President Jonathan Fanton and co-creator of Second Life, Cory Ondrejka. Ondrejka and Fanton will be discussing the future of virtual worlds and philanthropy, and then taking questions from the virtual audience. An informal reception will follow.

Virtual world / web simulcast services provided by our friends at

Head to the Foundations sim (click here to teleport.) on May 18 to participate!

MacArthur Island in Virtual World to Open with Public Forum on May 18

On May 18, to mark the launch of MacArthur Island in the virtual world of Second Life, the Foundation will host an event featuring the avatars and live voices of Foundation President Jonathan Fanton and co-creator of Second Life, Cory Ondrejka. The discussion between Ondrejka and Fanton will consider the future of virtual worlds and philanthropy. This public forum also will be broadcast as a webcast to standard internet browsers.

[staff/conf/mm] Learning in a Participatory Culture 

This weekend I went with Shawna and two of the incredible GK Teen Leaders from the Media Masters program to the conference "Learning in a Participatory Culture", put on by our partners up at MIT, Project New Media Literacies.

[mm/teen/conf] MIT Conference 

The Conference at Massachusetts was amazing! They had people from different places sitting together learning about Global Kids Media Masters and other types of media workshops. The best part of the trip is that we went to a Afghanistan restaurant couple blocks to the hotel, the food was delicious, the hotel was splendid but I was a little unhappy because we could only stay for one night but I totally enjoy that night. My favorite part of the Conference is that I had to tell people about Media Masters, it felt really great and I enjoyed learning about some other part of the workshops like Wikipedia.

The fun part was that I was asking people questions about the conference. One of them was What are you expecting to gain from this conference? It was really fun coming from Brooklyn, New York to Cambridge, Massachusetts. I'm very happy and thankful that Rafi and Shawna and Global Kids make their decision to take me on that trip it was wonderful. Thank You

[mm/teen/conf] MIT Conference 

Hello again.

Today my blog will be about the conference at MIT I attended today.

As you may already know, MIT's Project New Media Literacies is actually a partner for the program of Global Kids I attend called Media Masters.

Two of the students who attend that after school activity were chosen to attend it.

We left New York at about four and made it to Boston at around ten that night where, after checking into our hotel were taken out for some Afghani food, which I actually found quite good.

We arrived at the conference at around eight the next morning and were assigned cameras which we used to video the conference and do brief interviews with people attending which we conducted in between workshops.

The conference revolved mostly around a project called New Media Literacy.

This is actually a program that focuses on how media can be integrated in the classroom and has an actual curriculum for teachers to follow should they choose to partake in the program.