[conf] Getting Started in Second Life @NMC2008 

I have recently returned from my first NMC (New Media Consortium) conference, held this year at Princeton University. Besides such highlights such as hearing Henry Jenkins speak and learning a little more about the Wonderland project, I was able to speak to a packed room about Global Kids’ Best Practices for getting started in Second Life.

My goals, or takeaways, for the audience were:
1. to have a better picture of how an educational experience could look in Second Life
2. resources needed for becoming part of the community of educators in SL and information on processes and procedures
3. to be aware and armed for some of the pitfalls of using SL in education

I thought this group would be a perfect audience to introduce to - so I organized a list of resources on my blog page there, a Second Life Toolbox, hoping the community would add more!

[conf] The Future Is Invading! at this year's GLS 4.0 

Global Kids own Barry Joseph will be speaking at the upcoming Games Learning & Society Conference 4.0, July 10-11. This admittedly engaging and fun conference is about real-life people playing real-life video games, and what they learn from doing that. The attendees are always a great mix of academics, educators & designers all interested in games and how they can enhance learning, culture, and education.

Info on Barry's panel:

The Future Is Invading! or Games as Youth Media: A 6 Year Review

In 2002, Global Kids (GK) in New York City first began its efforts treating games as a form of youth media. Rather than treat games strictly as a tool for developing technical or workplace skills, GK sought to determine if both gameplay and game design could be used to develop the skills necessary for youth to become empowered and impassioned global citizens and community leaders.

[blog] G4C Conference - post blog coverage 

There have been a ton of buzz in the blogosphere, post Games 4 Change conference, and some of it on the sneak peak of our new game Tempest and still others praising Ayiti: The Cost of LIfe. We will add to this list as we find more coverage.

Marcia Stepanek of Stanford's Social Innovation review, writes her thoughts here.

Educational Games Commons thoughts on the event.

Bart Pursel of Virtual Learning Worlds, writes his reflection here.

Aimee Martin on her blog focusing on Educational Technology, writes about G4C here.

[Conf] 2008 Games for Change conference - GK presentations 

This week was the 2008 annual Games for Change (G4C) conference that took place in New York. Barry Joseph presented at two of the conference's panels and even if you didn't get a chance to attend, you can view his presentations below.

Once the media files are released from the G4C conference, we will be adding audio to the below presentations - so make sure to check back. Feel free to download the original files from Slideshare and use for your own purposes but if you decide to modify them please reference Global Kids as the original source and make sure to let us know what sort of changes you made. Enjoy!

Global Kids' Games as Youth Media: A Six Year Review


Global Kids
137 East 25th Street New York, NY 10010


Jonah Kokodyniak, Global Kids, 212-226-2116, Aimee Yoon, Dotted Line Communications,, 646.678.4980
Second Life: Peter Gray, Lewis PR,, 415.992.4434

For Immediate Release:

Virtual Worlds Collaborate to Spread Kofi Annan’s Message About International Justice: Global Kids Plays Lead Role in Bringing Event to Online Communities

On March 20, 2008, spearheaded by Global Kids, Inc., a unique collaboration amongst virtual worlds, which combined report audiences of over 10 million users, streamed live from the Waldorf Astoria where Kofi Annan received the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s first award for international justice. While Annan spoke before a live audience of 1,200 people in New York City, hundreds more watched and discussed the live speech across four virtual world communities, creating the largest massively multiworld simulcast to date.

[RezEd] vBusiness Expo podcast series spotlights RezEd 

As part of the vBusiness podcast series, Amira Fouad of Global Kids presented at the vBusiness Expo the newly launched virtual worlds focused social network RezEd in April of 2008.

Download file here.

Coverage from the First Annual Joan Ganz Cooney Center Symposium focusing on the Impact of Digital Media in educating children event "Logging into the Playground: How Digital Media are Shaping Children’s Learning".

We encouraged viewers to interact with the panelists during question and answer times by asking questions here, within Second Life and leaving comments to this post. You can download the transcript from some of that chat here.

Conference Supplemental Materials:

Conference Info sheet
Press Release
D is for Digital Press Release
D is for Digital
The Power of Pop! Wham!
Symposium Agenda
List of Tech Demos
Pre-K to 4th Grade Exemplary Podcasts.

Audio & Video Resources:

Our partners at the USC Network Culture Project are opening today a Community Challenge entitled Second Life and the Public Good, slated to begin Tuesday, May 6th from International Island (teleport slurl). A special opening session will be held on May 6, 2008 at 11AM with Cory Ondrejka, former CTO of Linden Lab and current visiting professor at USC.

We hope you will join us Tuesday, May 6 at 11:00 am PST as we consider the potential impact of virtual worlds like Second Life to address real world issues and better the public good of commuities around the world. This conversation will launch a community challenge to create projects (and fund the top three as voted by the community) that best address critical issues.

[Conf] Cathy Arreguin to present SLCC 2007 Education Track paper 

As part of the ISTE Speaker Series Sessions, Cathy Arreguin will be presenting her paper on the SLCC 2007 Education Track entitled Reports from the Field: Second Life Community Convention 2007 Education Track Summary.

The event will be taking place Tuesday, May 6, 6 PM PST, within Second Life on ISTE's main sim, teleport to the event here.

You can also download a pdf of Cathy's paper directly here.

More details of the event below from ISTE's calendar of events page: