An amazing year with P4K

Through out this year, I learned many things. While at p4k, my aspect on gaming and how games are made changed. I learned that it don't only takes one person, but a whole team to make a great game. I learned that a team of game makers take diferent responsibilities for doing things such as drawing or makeing a story lines. I believe that learning about games and how its made is very important because it gives you an aspect about why a game maker did what they did on there game. In the future when I play a game that I believe is good, I will be able to add on to my opinion. For example, I could talk about background use, and how I think the person went about making that game.


   One of my favorite highlights form the year  when I went to the Global Kids youth conference. Going to this conference was a really great experence for me. I feel like going to things like a youth conference influence my public speaking skills. When I went to the youth conference, I was a facilitator with two of my pairs, I think it was a great experence. While at the youth conference, I got to meet knew people and seen what onther programs do at global kids. My year at global kids was the best thing that ever happened, and I'm lookin farward to more years at global kids.