Badge Advisory Meetings Continue

As part of Global Kids’ ongoing badge development for our youth, we’ve been meeting monthly with a small number of staff members in a group we call the Badge Advisory.  After looking at GK’s organization-wide Outcomes and Indicators, we compiled a spreadsheet to input which indicators lent themselves well to badges.  We chose possible names and missions for indicators we badged and had discussions about which indicators would not make sense for our youth to earn badges for, but were still important for our staff.  For example, one indicator is that our youth increase their participation in school, but this didn’t necessarily make sense as a badge for us to give our youth.


Finally, we began discussing how best to implement badges into our current workflows and the possible challenges in rolling it out.  A major concern from staff when we fully launch the system in the fall, is that we don’t do too much too soon.  Several people mentioned that we should have fewer badges in the beginning and that they should be as clear to attain as possible.  Another topic brought up was how the badging system could change how our staff writes their workshops.  For example, do future workshops need to state which badges can be earned? And does there need to be a minimum number of badges that each program earns?  We’ll continue exploring these and other questions in our next Advisory meeting, but also during our June staff professional development day that’s set aside for badge development.