Barry Joseph Speaks Live in Second Life: RIP Teen Grid

As part of the Virtual Worlds - Best Practices in Education conference currently underway in SL, RezEd's own Barry Joseph will be speaking TODAY, March 18th, at 11am SL time (2pm Eastern) at their Central Auditorium.

The topic: A Funeral For Teen Second Life: A Presentation From Beyond the Grave on the Future of Mixed-Age Education in Second Life.

Eulogizing Teen Second Life over the open casket of his Teen Grid Avatar, GlobalKids Bixby will share his deep grief over the loss of Teen Second Life. Meanwhile, a surprise guest will celebrate the end of Linden Lab’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy” for teens and herald the new age of mixed-grid education in Second Life.

The archive of the video, as well as photos, can be seen here. And please feel free to read the text of the full presentation.