[blog] De digitale explosie in stripvorm

Erik van Roekel, on what we can only presume is a Dutch blog, posted the following entry, which we will attempt to translate afterwards. It focuses attention on the recent survey results collected by our Digital Media Youth Advisory, and then looks back to last year's Digital Media Essay Contest.

Jongeren en digitale media

"I am constantly amazed by the dependency on digital technologies. They have revolutionized our lives, making it simple yet complex at the same time."

Even een leestip voor het weekend. Vanochtend las ik een kort artikel van Dennis Hoogervorst waarin hij verwijst naar een onderzoek van Global Kids naar de rol van digitale media in het leven van jongeren. Inhoudelijk niet al te veel nieuws maar wat aardig is, is dat ze naast de belangrijkste resultaten in een soort stripverhaal (pdf) ook de daadwerkelijk antwoorden van de jongeren in een excelfile beschikbaar stellen met soms aardige quotes. Al klikkend door de site
van Global Kids kwam ik ook een Digital Media Essay contest tegen met de winnende essays in een pdf. Het geheel is dan inmiddels al wel bijna een jaar oud, maar biedt aardig inzicht in de rol digitale media in het leven van jongeren. Het weekend maar eens de rest van de files bij Global Kids doornemen.

Our Mac Dashboard translator tells us this means:

Young people and digital media

Just as leestip for the weekend. Vanochtend I read short Article of Dennis Hoogervorst in which he refers to a study of Global kids into the role of digital media in living young people. Substantive not already too much news ear what is nice, is that they the effective answers put beside the most important results in a type stripverhaal (pdf) also of the young people in excelfile available with sometimes nice quotes. Already clicking by the site of Global kids I encountered also Digital media essay contest with the winning essays in pdf. whole am then meanwhile already, however, almost a year old, but offer to nice insight in the role digital media in living young people. The weekend the rest of the traffic-jams at Global goes through kids.

We did enjoy the blog comments posted in response as well, such as:

"A year old, a doubtful source (what the hell are Global kids) and a quite small sample" to which the original poster replied, "It gives a picture of how they look at against digital media and the role this has it in their life. But no shocking news."

So who is Dennis Hoogervorst? Dennis, on his Youth Marketing blog, writes, (again, through my translation services), in his post entitled, "De digitale explosie in stripvorm,"

For now I to a small-scale research of Global kids have looked at to the role of digital media in living young people. To up to that point nothing particular, but the way the results are confessed are made that, however. Th peaks have been processed in a type comic book (pdf). And in this excel-document are the litteral examine answers of the 51 respondenten. Interesting costs. And skilfully he who still quotes have necessary for a presentation on at leuken.