[conf] GK presenting en force this week!

So for any of you out there that are fans of our work, be sure to catch us this week at two of the hottest virtual world events of the immediate post-summer, Virtual Worlds Expo and the Second Life Community Convention/SLED Community Conference . Over these two conferences we'll be presenting a total of (gasp) six times, with over a half dozen of us diligently working on our powerpoints and interactive workshops at this very moment.

Full details of our dance card after the jump!

At the Virtual Worlds Expo in Los Angeles:

Best Practices for Education in Virtual Worlds

Thursday, September 4, 2008 - 11am -12 pm PDT

Join author/educator Cathy Arreguin of San Diego State University and Global Kids Online Leadership Director Barry Joseph as they discuss the Global Kids report to the MacArthur Foundation summarizing important concepts and examples to incorporate best practices into virtual education using Second Life. This fast-paced hour will also highlight practical examples and activities designed to inspire educators and others new to virtual worlds providing a broad level overview based on reports from the field.

At the SLCC/SLEDcc (all in EST):

Friday, September 5, 2008:

"What's Up With Teens?"
Machinima Festival in-world on the main grid

10am - 1pm, Tabitha Tsai and VVP teen Mathew

For the first time, along with Tabitha Tsai, VVP teen Mathew shares his experience in the Virtual Video Project on the main grid. He will talk about the process of making the latest machinima "Race to Equality", a 7 minute film on racism and how it relates to access to equal education.

SL in the Classroom: a hands-on workshop for educators introducing students to Second Life
3-4:30 PM, Meghan Deana & Amira Fouad

In this hands on interactive (BYOL) workshop led by Global Kids, come learn about the resources available in both starting to utilize SL for learning and in supplementing your existing educational programs. This workshop will incorporate Global Kids new Second Life Curriculum and the online community at RezEd.org: The Hub for Learning and Virtual Worlds. Learn about a host of other resources for educators on RezEd.org, from lesson plans to reviews to podcasts.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will leave able to incorporate Global Kids’ simple, comprehensive curriculum in their own educational programs and access to the resources and network available in supporting learning in virtual worlds. The workshop will include a breakout session exploring participants own best practices in the field.

Participants will leave with access to a free copy of Global Kids’ simple, comprehensive Second Life curriculum.

Teaching New Media Literacies through Second Life: Lessons From Global Kids' Adventures in Learning
4:30-6 pm - Rafi Santo & Amira Fouad

In this presentation, Global Kids staff will share how work they've done this past year in Second Life has brought together a youth development model and a new media literacy framework to facilitate skill development in both face to face and distance learning contexts, highlighting how it's possible to integrate theory and practice in K12 education in Second Life. The presentation will incorporate examples of a variety of different models for education in SL, and part of the discussion will focus on how the New Media Literacies outlined by Henry Jenkins of MIT can be compatible with existing educational standards when using Second Life.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Iterations of Teaching in Second Life: What We Know and Need to Know About Student Backgrounds, Teaching Possibilities, and Learning Outcomes
10:30 am -12 pm, Selen Turkay (SL: Stardust Yakan)

As instructors of a course entitled “Possibilities of Virtual Worlds” who use Second Life, we are often asked how we deal with students’ different levels of experience, how and why we change the course as students come to us with ever greater levels of expertise, and how we deal with the instructional issues encountered as a result of requirements and restrictions by our institution and by Linden Lab's periodic modifications. But, perhaps the most critical question that we receive is “How and what do your students learn?” This presentation attempts to answer the above questions. The audience will come away with a better understanding of what it means to teach in a virtual environment like Second Life, how our students have changed (and how their learning has changed) across three years, and how course instructors and students react and change over time as they attempt to teach and learn in an ever–changing, user–constructed environment.

Beyond Best Practices: Taking Non-profits to the Next Level in Second Life
2:10-2:55 pm, Rik Panganiban & Shawna Rosenzweig

Rik Panganiban and Shawna Rosenweig will speak about how far the non-profit community has come in Second Life from a Global Kids perspective. Rik will begin by bringing people up to date on recent non-profit achievements in SL since his report on "Best Practices for Non-profits" was released at SLCC last year. Then Shawna will talk about some of the recent work and lessons learned by Global Kids that is applicable to the larger non-profit community. Then they will lead a role-play among the participants, helping them to think about where SL should be going in the next year to best serve the non-profit community.

Why Second Life Can't Tip: The Power and Perils of Living La Vida Ludic

SLEDcc Keynote, 3-4 pm, Barry Joseph

Barry Joseph, Global Kids' Online Leadership Director, will discuss the revolution affects of Second Life's singular strength - combing life and play. His modest goal is to forever change how we view, and use, Second Life for living a ludic life.