[conf] What Lane said about GK at the GLS

Lane, aka Cheesepuff, spoke not only about Global Kids on our panel at the GLS but he also brought it up on his second panel (which brought together parents and teens who game). While our panel was not recorded, I immediately grabbed my portable recorder when Lane mentioned GK during his second panel.

He began by saying that when he first learned about Global Kids Island he was not pleased. He came to our clubhouse and then...

I waited until everybody had left the island and then I placed a little black orb in the clubhouse.

It said "Non-Linden adults click here" and the notecard basically said "I don't like you. You gotta go back to the main grid."

And then Barry Joseph and I had a talk. We talked about why I didn't think it was fair and why I should be allowed on the main grid or why he shouldn't be allowed on the teen grid.

After that there was some 3D graffiti that I placed in their sandbox. And it said "Gkid adults leave except Barry" which shows that if I get the chance to really know some one, and they might not be as bad as I first made them out to be, then I should give them another chance.

I continued protesting my Global-Kids-out-of-the-Teen-Grid thing, but I was not as negative as I had before. That led to a policy change on the teen grid which said that all adults had to be moved to a marked location. Essentially, it said "Adult are here. If you didn't want to see adults on the Teen Grid then don't go over here."

And I thought that was pretty cool that something I learned from playing Second Life actually had a real effect, not only on Second Life but on real life.