[didi] D.I.D.I Summer Camp 08 - Day 7 - Week 2

It’s Tuesday at Camp, day 7 - 1 week = camp days so far. Here is a overlook of day 7:

* Campers teleported to the green grass area over at D.I.D.I. Island to get a summary of today’s tasks.
* Campers played a game called Primtionary where they had to whisper > (without typing or talking) to make us guess the word using only prims.
* Review on campers venture ideas.
* Campers were given their first card of the action plan to gather camper ideas and to feedback to all.
* Campers had to play a job and it was up to them to figure out who does what etc
* Campers built their many visual representations/models/sculptures that represents what DIDI means to them as the DIDI ‘08 Campers. All team members had to put input on the *idea*.
* The plan for above: the first thing they needed was to get together as a group and make a plan, then they had to figure out who is going to do what (who will build, what will be built, finally who will take notes/snaps, who will present)
* Campers moved to the workshop room for part 2 of today which was to to sit down and talk about some points about ventures and review of the last task
* Campers played a game called to make one sentence that makes sense lol