End of Year Reflections from Youth in P4K

Playing 4 Keeps may have come to an end after a full school year, but as you can see, our youth have still been quite busy with presentations and trips.


At our last session together in June, youth picked the final winner of the "Media and You Challenge" they designed, which is also the sixth AMD Social Impact Challenge.  "Media and Youth" asked youth around the country to make a game about the effects and uses of media in their lives, and to think critically about both the positive and negative influences of media.  We'll be announcing the winner of the challenge very soon!


Youth also spent some time blogging and reflecting on their highlights, lessons learned, and experiences from the program.  Below are links to each youth's reflection and some of their quotes.




Ednica: "My year at Global Kids was the best thing that ever happened, and I'm looking forward to more years at Global Kids."

Giuseppe Part I & Part II: "I learned other things on global issues such as the effects of global warming, war, and media literacy."


Jason Part I & Part II: "The most influential moment of this year was the annual Global Kids conference. It allowed me to speak publicly about ideas that were expressed during the year."

Jiepei: "My greatest moment was the trip to E-Line Media."

Thorn: "I now know what to expect should I desire to continue a career in game designing."