Games in Education Symposium

On August 22, 2011 Global Kids took part in the Games in Education Symposium. Games in Education is a conference focusing on the use of games "to inspire classroom education." The symposium was sponsored and organized by 1st Playable Productions "an independent game development studio with a focus on handheld games for kids."

I presented on "Games for Youth Civic Engagement" focusing on two projects that I have been directly involved in the past few months here at Global Kids. The first one, NYC Haunts, was a pilot program in collaboration with the The New York Public Library where middle school students from the MS 391 in The Bronx participated in the design of a location-based game using the platform SCVNGR to inform players of the game on local history and larger global issues.

The second project discussed was "Let's Talk Sustainability", a five weeks intensive program for high school students held at Global Kids offices that used the virtual world Second Life to engage youth leaders with program content such as alternative energy sources and key terms, while also training them in the use of virtual world broadcasting.

Further information about NYC Haunts can be found here, and for Let's Talk Sustainability here

Following is a link to the presentation in prezi:

Games for Youth Civic Engagement