GK Leader Shaquille Attends UWC-USA Global Leadership Forum

Global Kids Leader Shaquille had the opportunity to attend the United World College-USA Global Leadership Forum in New Mexico. As part of the experience, he took part in their Youth Media Program which used digital storytelling to share their experiences and reflections. The youth at the program continue to maintain in contact. A major thank you to actress and activist Rosario Dawson and UWC-USA's Josh Holland for making this happen for Shaquille. Below you will find photos and excerpts from his reflection as well as amazing photos from the trip! 



There are no words to describe how honored I felt about this wonderful experience. It has changed my life in way that I can’t explain... I will try my best to tell you in detail about how my experience went. I will start by explaining how the trip went. Basically, there were four different phases of this trip: the castle, spending time in Santa Fe, the Mission Wolf and staying at the Ghost Ranch Camping Ground. While we stayed at the castle, we had workshops on different topics about the environment, for example environmental pollution, which dealt with plastic pollution. During these topics we talked about the Midway, which is the pathway between North America and the Pacific Ocean, where there is a large floating body of garbage. While learning about this, we also learned about ways we can help stop the pollution. For example, we discussed that by not using plastic utensils, we would help lessen the plastic production around the world. We took a pledge to use “To-Go Ware”, which is a reusable utensil kit, instead of using plastic utensils for the rest of our lives. Also at the Castle we did this program called Youth Media Project. This project gave us the opportunity to express ourselves in ways where we connect to each other more than ever.





After the castle, came Santa Fe, NM. During this phase, we separated from each other and stayed with different families during home stays. We continued the Youth Media Project where we did different topics, such as “what’s standing in my way”, “the waters I swim in” and “unchartered water”. With these topics, we related them to our lives and how we could overcome them. We also met with different organizations from Santa Fe, discussing the different tasks they are doing to help citizens of Santa Fe. For example, there is a company named SOMOS, which helps immigrants from the South to get their legal papers and in some cases their social security number. They also help them deal with encounters of police where they are discriminated against. After Santa Fe, came our next phase, which was Mission Wolf. This phase was the nature phase. We had to go through three days without taking a shower, eating proper food and being scared of our lives, but we enjoyed it very much. At Mission Wolf, we were interacting with wolves, yes wolves. We learned a lot from this experience, eg. we learned how to communicate with wolves,  how to say hello in a weird way. Overall, it was amazing. Then came the Ghost Ranch phase. It was a self-finding phase. We continued our youth media project and worked on this project called Leader Learning Project (LLP). In this project, we worked on issues that stand out in our communities and what we can do the help prevent them from happening. Even now we are still working on these projects!