Global Kids takes part in littleBits Global Makeathon




At the Global Kids headquarters this past Saturday September 14th, a group of kids from different parts of New York City and different ages gathered to take part in the littleBits Global Makeathon 2013.  According to the littleBits webiste, the Global Makeathon was "the world's largest physical and virtual littleBits workshop. We are bringing together makers from around the world for one day to bring their own cities to life. Join us, with your Bits, your crafts, and your tools and Make Something that Does Something!" 


Young kids who came to take part on the challenge started the day talking about the things they enjoyed the most about living in New York City. The theme of the makeathon was "Bring Your City to Life" and the kids were excited to start thinking about how they could represent their city in the challenge. After introductions from Ayah Bdeir to the challenge and a google hangout with makers from all around the world, the kids learned the basics of using little bits: that the color blue was for the power bits, pink for input, orange for wire, and green for output.


They formed groups and started sketching the design to represent their city. Others decided to work individually, but all of them came up with great ideas for their projects. The kids created sketches of a construction site, Times Square during New Year's Eve, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and a representation of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Sketches ready they started to create their projects with littleBits. Using lights, sensors, and motors they made their projects come to life.




It was very impressed to see the kids the creativity, ingenuity and the effort the put into creating a their projects. The day ended up with another google hangout where the students showed their projects to the littleBits team in New York. 


To see the kids present their final projects see the videos here: