Global Kids Youth Leaders Visit BrainPop

After a wonderful professional development event at BrainPop last March (re: Global Kids Game Night at BrainPop), in which two youth within our Playing For Keeps program spoke to around four dozen NYC-area educators, all of the P4K youth were invited to return for an official visit to the offices.

Coordinated and led by Andrew Gardner, Senior Manager within BrainPOP Educators, the youth toured the offices, met a variety of staff, and explored the many ways BrainPop uses both video and games to educate youth, both inside and outside of the classroom.
The youth learned a lot, were inspired by what they saw and inquired, on a number of occassions, about the possibilities of summer internships. We at Global Kids are very appreciative for BrainPop taking the time to offer the GK youth leaders such a fantastic "career-readiness" opportunity.