Hive Chicago Badge Development


On June 12th Barry Joseph and I led a full day session to discuss badging principles and have a hands on experience in BadgeStack with Hive Chicago. The morning session brought eleven people together representing eight organizations. We saw examples of badging systems from DYN, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Global Kids, and the Epstein School. There was an indepth discussion on developing network wide badges. Ruth Schmidt - who led the morning session - provided a summary of talk:




We discussed the idea of this minigroup turning into more of an official working group to tackle some of the bigger picture issues that have bubbled up in conversation recently, in particular:

  • HIVE badge 'philosophy' (i.e. HIVE goals and values related to badges, positioning)
  • HIVE badge implementation (i.e. network-level badging priorities, compentencies)
  • supporting member collaboration (i.e. process and supports, identifying opportunities for collaboration around badges)
  • badge definitions (i.e. granularity and quality, exploratory badges, identifying initial pathways)
  • youth and community (i.e. youth involvement, understanding youh motivations around badges)
  • technology issues (i.e. API requirements, Badgestack requests/design)

The working group process/structure is still TBD, but in the meantime we encourage folks to think about which topics may be of particular interest, as some of these conversations will benefit from moving forward in parallel and different issues may resonate with different folks.


In the afternoon Barry and I shared reflections and two PSA's from the Global Kids Youth Badge Advisory. The remainder of the day was spent with the group getting hands on experience with BadgeStack. Susan from LearningTimes was on hand to answer questions and help resolve tech issues that sprung up during the session. 


Resources and information from the session can be found of the Hive Chicago Badge Site. Moving forward, a few organizations will be implementing a summer beta for their programs with the support of Global Kids.