The Hive Youth Council Meets!


Youth representing MOUSE, the Rubin Museum, the POINT, MoMA, and Hive HQ gathered at Global Kids to learn about the new launch of the Hive Youth Council. The group is intended to represent the young people served by member organizations of the Hive Learning Network. Over the course of the year they will be responsible for helping to plan network wide events such as game jams, Emoti-Con!, and service days to name a few. Along with being a committee that represents the youth voice in the Hive, they will also be trained in digital media skills such as coding, game design, engineering, and much more. 



The first session had students taking part in teambuilding activities and sharing what are some opportunities they hope to take part in as members of the council. It was evident that aside from learning new skills, they were interested in taking lead and educating their fellow peers. One of the popular requests was to visit other Hive member organizations throughout the year in order to get a better understanding of their missions and interact with their youth members. 



They met again the following week in order to deep dive in some of the projects they wanted to get involved in rights away. Pictured above, the youth provided a brief summary of what took place during this session:


We discussed three of the main projects that we will be focusing on during the year. The three projects that we will be working on will be: One billion rising, Emoti-con, and a special project with the Rubin Museum. For the first learning session we will be learning design and filmmaking.  We are very excited to begin this year.


We are excited to see the Hive Youth Council grow and develop this year into a powerhouse of awesome teens taking leadership opportunities and developing lifelong learning skills.