[HMDS] Camp GK Quotes of the Day - (Day 2)

Today we asked the campers this question;
'What's one experience that made you realize that the world is a lot bigger than you?'
And these are some of their very insightful responses:

Lucky Figtree: "My father is a pilot, and he travels around the world; to many different countries. He shows me pictures of everywhere he visits; and every place is always so different. Some of the pictures I have seen have been very sad, while others are colorful and cheery. Seeing all the pictures of different countries and cultures shows me how big the world is."

Itokuzu Shimada: "I was in fourth grade when 9-11 happened, and for me too, it made me realize that horrible things happen, and that there are bad people in the world. I can't remember anything clearly from when I was little except for 9-11."

Spunky Pinkdot: "I suppose I realized the world was bigger than me when I was really young and watched tv all the time. I would see all these different people and places that I had never seen before. Thats when I realized the world was bigger than me."

Malarthi Behemoth: "On 9-11-2001, I realized that there are people in the world who want to hurt others, it doesn't have to be me they're targeting for me to be affected."