[HMDS] Crowded Bonfire.

A crowded bonfire marks the end of the first day of activities at Camp GK. I've heard that Lucky has written a great article on todays events, so i'll go over it in a broad view. It started off with us listening to Rafi's distorted voice streaming into Second Life. Technical difficulties meant that people, including me, had trouble hearing what he was saying. Rafi flicked some switches for the first 5 - 10 minutes and then sounded crystal clear, unfortunately Lucky's computer was playing up, and the stream still wasn't 100% so we left it for another day. There was also someone who did not speak fluent English and had trouble understanding what was being said. We went into a hut following Rafi's vocal command just before he decided to turn the stream off, and there the GK staff went over some useful information whilst taking some questions. I asked if there where more people to come to the camp, and he said that there were several people missing and would be joining us for tomorrow's activities, and also answered another question from me saying that chat logs will be posted.

We then went onto the roof of the hut and established the guidelines in a fun and exciting way, the main ones are no PvPing, no junk objects everywhere and respecting other peoples opinions, all things that people need to abide with in RL anyway. They also asked everyone to write a few sentences about themselves (see Lucky's post). We moved to another section of the island to discuss some global issues that we believe in. The illegal invasion of Tibet, poverty, human trafficking and bird flu are just a few to mention. Lori decided we should play a game, every one was excited, she used her magic wand to rez a hippo, and guess what happened? Yes, Lori crashed the sim with a hippo :D.

We then gathered around the camp fire, ( see picture bellow), and all said a line or two about what we had learned. I went with "Don't touch the white board and control + alt + shift + h = hippos!." Make sure you check this blog everyday for more posts about GK and the goings on in the camp.
crowded fire.jpg
- The GK Camp participants around the fire at closing stages of first day.