[HMDS] A Day at Democracy Island

While the island was still under construction, I was invited to participate in a gathering in San Diego organized by the University of Wisconsin, sponsored by the Spencer Foundation, to develop a white paper about games and learning. It was a real honor to be in a room with such accomplished and cool people and learn what I might have to offer.

As chance would have it, Democracy Island was holding an all day event at the same time, which I did not want to miss. I would visit just long enough to capture a text log of the presentations. Ironically, one of the people with me in San Diego was Cory Ondrejka, SL?s VP of Product Development. As he presented Second Life on his computer, projected on the overhead, I tagged along, from my own machine, occasionally waving to the room and saying ?Hi!?

Democracy Island is an interesting concept. They describe themselves as, ?Offering government entities, interest groups, and SL residents a space for conducting citizen consultation. ?

This day of hour-long events jumped around, from the central meeting point shown here, to a display by a NYC community board of a proposed park for Queens, to a talk on nanotechnology, and much more. It was easy to take a seat, give my attention offline to the white paper meeting, click my keyboard occasionally to prevent myself from being kicked out due to inactivity, then capture the log at the end to save in a note card for future reading.

Democracy Island has a cool version of the United States Supreme Court. I have no idea what it is for but I loved the opportunity to sit behind the bench, pretend I was the Chief Justice, and imagine what I might do.