[HMDS] Enter the TSL Intern!


My name is Mercury Metropolitan. For those of who haven't heard, I have been chosen to fill the position of Remote Intern for Camp Global Kids. I am honored to be the very first Remote Intern hired by Global Kids, and as such I have a lot weighing on my shoulders. My performance may determine if there will ever be another Remote Intern, so I've been working hard to fulfill high expectations.

So far, I think it's going pretty well! During the first week of my internship, I assisted in setting up for a video podcast premiere launch party on the island. This meant rearranging the entire island and creating a stage for the viewing. Lori and I spent hours on the island revamp, and after a few frustrating SL bugs that we had no control over; we managed to accomplish our goal. All in all, it was a success, and many people showed up at the event.

Every week up until now, I've been working hard to spread the word about the Camp Global Kids summer program and persuading teens to sign up. I created a poster for our advertising campaign, which has been used on signs around the island and various locations around the grid. I've also held a few Word Spill events to promote the program. Reaching out to people in my close social network has been proven effective. Getting people to sign up, however, has been no easy feat.


Many teens have some common misconceptions about Global Kids in SL, and I've been trying my best to clear some of these up. Some teens seem to think that Global Kids in SL is like school, or some kind of brainwashing scheme to forcefully make them think differently about certain things. Those teens that have come to this conclusion are terribly misinformed. I always have to explain to them that Global Kids is nothing like school; if it were, we wouldn't be doing it.

Those who feel it is like some brainwashing scheme don't realize that the mission of Global Kids in SL is the total opposite. We do not force our opinions/views about certain issues on anyone. What we want to do is provide an atmosphere where teens can safely express their opinions about global issues important to them, and effectively strive for positive change within a virtual space.

I think that some teens may view adults on their grid as predatory and threatening to them, as I once did before getting involved with Global Kids. It is understandable to think this way, but once you begin to understand the relevance of why they're here and what they're doing here, you retract your defensive barrier.

So, even though I’ve been faced with the difficult task of advertising the program and addressing some misconceptions people have, we’ve received some awesome applications. I really look forward to meeting the participants of the program once they’re chosen. Since the teen grid is such a tightly knit community, I’m sure I will know most of them. I’m also looking forward to help plan and coordinate the different activities for Camp GK! I continue to learn from these positive experiences day by day, and will continue to blog about these experiences. Until next time... :)