[HMDS] Surviving Week 1!

This is Mercury again, Global Kids' remote intern checking in after our first week.

The first week of Camp GK was a blast! It turned out even better than I had expected. I've been working diligently with Lori and Rafi at my side during the week to pull everything together, and what an amazing team we are! Coordinating activities, facilitating discussions, creating content, and making sure everything ran smoothly were some of my primary tasks this past week; all of which kept me on my toes.

Never have I had the chance to take part in a project this intricately planned out in Second Life. So, it has been really exciting to see how the teen campers react to the daily activities we dish out. One of the things that surprised me most was how focused and mature our campers have been throughout the activities and workshops. We've definitely chosen some of the best in TSL to participate, and it has been apparent that they are dedicated and committed to what they do in the program.

Everyone seems to get along just great, and working in groups has proven very effective. Honestly, I am a bit surprised by the level of teamwork and overall seriousness within the group. Most events on the teen grid often get griefed and aren't very serious at all. I believe that the closed environment of our private island along with the attentive participants have been beneficial ingredients to the success of our plans so far.

As of now, I feel all of our campers have grasped the most important aspects of the workshops and further developed a better understanding of prejudice and poverty, the two big issues we covered throughout the week. It has really been interesting to hear responses to brainstorms that we’ve had this week. I’ve gathered that many of our campers are pretty well informed about issues that are bigger than just ‘us’.

The most rewarding part of this week's experience has been listening to the campers reflect on the activities each day and what they've learned from them. It goes to show you that your hard work really does pay off! I've grown a lot this past week, and I've seen others around me grow as well; the campers, Lori, Rafi, and myself. I really can't wait to see what this coming week has to offer.

Until next time, Mercury out.