[HMDS] Teen Report: Can't Wait For Camp GK!

My SL avatar name is Tecno Tiger, and i have also been chosen as a camp GK reporter. With less than 2 hours until the camp begins, I, like many others, am really excited and "psyched"( As Rafi says :) ) for the Camp to begin. Rafi teleported me into the island earlier as he needed to grab my calling card, luckily I got to have a sneak peak at a small part of the island. I was in and out within a minute and the only thing I saw was a bonfire with Lori, Mercury and Rafi around it. I can't wait to see what they've got planned. This is my first official post on this blog, (I was behind the Second Opinion post), and there will be many more to come! Do some brain exercises and get ready for some fun as Camp GK is about to begin!
camp gk.jpg
- Tecno Tiger with a great new group title.