[HMDS] Teen Report: Day 4 of Camp GK

A short audio introduction by Rafi invited Lori to go over what had happened so far at Camp GK, and a quick re-cap on the guidelines. The main guideline Lori was looking for someone to mention was "One mic", as this was involved in the first activity.

The first question that was asked on day 4 of Camp GK was along the lines of what is needed for you to be here today in Second Life. Most people talked about the technology that was needed, rather than social aspects. So instead Lori asked, who isn't in Second Life? After talking on this for a while, Lori decided to wrap it up, making sure she answered my question before we finished the activity, which I appreciated :).

Rafi then instructed us to go to the "platform in the sky", something that many GK campers had never noticed before, with some saying "I didn't know this was here?!" as soon as we arrived. Lori kindly took the time to teleport me there as I was having technical difficulties. The platform was cool, made by Mercury, surrounded with 6 different continents from around the world. See a snapshot below.


Then some blocks were rezzed on the platform. We started with 60 blocks, each representing 100 million people. Our goal was to get the correct amount of blocks to match the population of each of the 6 main continents from around the world. Once we had guessed, Mercury placed out the actual blocks, and Rafi let us know it was time for the hard part: we needed to do the same thing using blocks, but this time for wealth instead of population. We realized we all have different perspectives on things like wealth and population in the world, with some peoples perspectives more accurate then others. The board completed with polls is below.


Back to the audio stream, Rafi tried to impress us with his singing skills, taking requests like 'YMCA" to sing while he tested out the audio stream. Rafi then wrapped up, saying that our estimates were quite close on the whole, but we did worst on wealth. Rafi then told us that in our next activity we would be examining a section of the world as an example of wealth and population. Rafi then turned the audio stream off to begin the next activity of the day, which involved a game created by a team of kids including Theodore, an intern at GK and one of the campers. See a screenshot below.


After discussing the great game for a while, we were brought to the Camp GK fire for Rafi and Lori to wrap up. Audio streams were back online for the end of camp. Ideas today were focused on economy on the earth, and what it's like trying to get an education in the face of poverty. Rafi explained the camp is just not about seeing global issues in the world, but being able to take action. Then ended another great day of camp. Tomorrows camp should involve the reveal of our week one project build, so I'd better get working! Look for more posts by me in the future :)

Also, keep an eye on http://www.sluniverse.com/pics/Default.aspx?Name=Tecno+Tiger during camp GK times as i'm now posting snapshots of whats going on in the camp as it happens :)