[HMDS] Teen Report: Day two of Camp Global Kids

Today started off great! Everyone was able to hear the stream; we even got Rafi to sing...(He really needs to stick to his day job). Rafi went over what Global Kids does in New York, with the schools around the city. We had a question session; and a few of the campers had questions. We were then introduced to the new campers. A few minutes later we got in a circle and were asked 'What has made you realize that the world is much bigger then you' . Or something along those lines.

An hour into the day everyone moved over to the whiteboard. We brainstormed what a 'community' could mean. Then we were asked the same question, but what could a 'global community' mean. Everyone had great answers! We took a short break- and we got to hear Lori speak on the stream!

After that, we were all divided into groups and given a 'word'. We could not share this word with any of the other groups and we had to think of something that relates to that word. Then we had to use our word to pose in a way that related to the word we were given. (Picture of Brooke, Winston, and my mission below). After all the pictures were taken we gatherd back around the whiteboard and were shown each groups picture.

We had to try and guess what each groups secret word was just from the picture, it was pretty difficult. At the end, the game was tied 1-1-1. It was a very interesting activity, and I enjoyed it alot! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings =)

Until then,
-Lucky Figtree