[IJC] John Washburn speaks on the ICC and the US Presidency at the Justice Center

John Washburn speaking at Justice Center

Yesterday, August 13, Mr. John Washburn, convenor of the American NGO Coalition for the ICC, spoke at the International Justice Center in Second Life to an attentive and energetic group of avatars. Mr. Washburn talked about the importance of the International Criminal Court to the United States and his views of what the next US president should do to support this important human rights instrument. Later John took questions from the audience.

To hear John's address, click the player below:

Prior to Mr. Washburn's address, noted virtual world DJ Doubledown Tandino played a mix of global grooves for the attendees, who danced in the plaza between the virtual ICC and the art gallery on the Justice Commons.

Meanwhile, attendees were encouraged to contribute to funds that support victims of human rights abuses in Darfur, the Congo, and elsewhere. Over L$10,000 was raised! Money donated will go to the International Criminal Court Victims Trust Fund and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Thanks everyone who contributed.
John Washburn speaking at Justice Center

Thanks everyone who participated, and special thanks to John Washburn and Doubledown Tandino for offering their unique expertise and energy.