Let's Talk Sustainability

We are excited to announce a new, upcoming program that will begin this July called Let's Talk Sustainability (LTS).

Let’s Talk Sustainability is an intensive youth development program that will support high school youth to develop expertise regarding sustainability, online broadcasting, and virtual world construction. Global Kids youth in New York City will combine this expertise to produce a talk show, featuring live interviews with scientists and other STEM-related professionals, pre-produced videos, and game show like activities. This talk show will be a virtual talk show, filmed before a live studio audience within the virtual world Second Life, and will be later archived with downloadable materials that will be made available for a broader audience and classrooms around the world.

LTS will introduce Global Kids youth to a broad range of concepts related to the topic of sustainability including energy, urbanization, pollution, biodiversity, global warming, and global health. The youth will select three subtopics that they will research and design an episode of their hour-long talk show to address each one. Each show will be designed to introduce their youth audience to what professionals are doing in these fields and showcase what youth can do today to live in a more sustainable world.

In short, Let’s Talk Sustainability is a science-themed online talk show, by youth, for youth, filmed before a live studio audience.

We recently presented about LTS in Second Life at the weekly Nonprofit Commons meeting to a very supportive and eager audience. Some pics from our presentation below:


To stay up to date on LTS, follow the page on our blog: http://www.olpglobalkids.org/virtual_worlds/lts