Let's Talk Sustainability - Day 16

Our day began with a guest speaker, Alexander Jutkowitz, market research and strategy consultant, who helped our students brainstorm ways that they can make their talk shows more dynamic and interesting. Students shared their talk show ideas and format with Alex, and he offered practical suggestions for audience engagement, compelling visuals, and engaging storytelling. Students kept these ideas in mind as they continued designing their talk shows for most of the day.

Afterwards, students revisited the Human Barometer questions they developed for their topic a few days ago. After a discussion about what it takes to be an effective facilitator both in real life and Second Life, each group took turns leading everyone else into SL to play Human Barometer at Global Kids Island.

LTS - human barometer

Participants wrote about some of the challenges they are having as group to complete the script and be ready for the talk show.

Nicholas writes about it in his blog:

Right now my group is facing a few challenges. We have to create a proper script to perform from on the actual day of the talk show. We also have to go to he farmers market at union square to interview some of the sellers and harvesters there. As soon as that's done the only thing left is to build everything up on Second Life. Hopefully things will go swell, which i think they are.