My Epic Experience

hello fellow bloggers. it is I, Mowdark, who has return from my journey of the E-line dimension and i bring great news. last week, i finally gained access to the source of gamestar mechanic. they baffled me with their calm demeanor and their small but efficient work space. i learned that there was more to a game and a website than we all know. there are codes, formating, artwork, MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!....but i digress. all in all they showed me their ancient ways of creating the games we see today as well as the future of gaming. but before i left i didn't leave empty-handed. i was able to learn how to finally make my dream invention become a reality (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).
wait whats that?
i have to stay to the topic?!
ok, fine
where was i
oh right.
well i now have a good idea on my game challenge and be warned it won't be easy for any one. so u best be on your toes. (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *COUGH,COUGH*)