My First Day Reflection

        Today was my first day interning at Global Kids. Unfamiliar with the neighborhood, it took me quite a while to get there. Even though I had been there for the interview, when I got out of the subway, it still took me some time to figure out the directions.


       The day was fine. It was full of surprises. The first person I recognized was the girl I saw when I had the interview. Second person I was looking for is Daria since she emailed me the schedule.  After that, Daria introduced me to everyone else in the room. This is a big room and lots of people were sitting inside doing their work. I didn’t know they all work for global kids in the beginning; I thought some of them belong to some other organizations.  About ten minutes later, I was invited to a staff meeting. Juan, Daria, Joliz and I started talking about the agenda for VVP. To be honest, I didn't understand everything they were discussing. But the meeting was a very good start for me. Now I know better what to say in a meeting like that in the future.


       After the meeting, I started working with Juan. He was trying to help me. I heard that there is another intern who started two weeks ahead of me. I didn't know what to do in the beginning. Daria gave me a bunch of Web links and asked me to check them out. I tried to read them and was fascinated by all the programs. I don’t know which one I am going to participate in.  Juan was very quick to tell me that I am coming with him to meet the students in the afternoon.  That really surprised me. I thought I was going to get some training first. Excited by this, I almost forgot to ask when I could get a lunch break. Usually that is the first thing I try to figure out when I go to a new working environment.


      After I had my lunch, I couldn't wait to go to the school where Juan and I were going to do some work. Knowing that the school is in the Bronx, I felt more excitement. Because I haven’t been into the Bronx before. Let’s do some exploration. I like explorations. So we took the D train all the way up to 186th street, which is about forty-five minutes and then took a walk to the middle school.   Unfortunately the school didn’t allow us to use the computers inside.  We walked out of the school disappointed. Juan told me we are going home now. After almost an hour of traveling, we had to go home. So I said “see you tomorrow” to Juan and headed home.

     I got on the D train again, and I started to think back on my first day. The things I felt so impressed with is the atmosphere in the Global Kids office. People there are very friendly and supportive. My internship coordinator did a good job in suggesting that I go here. I am looking forward to improve my communication and people skills here.