My First && Last Time On The Hunt

My first time geocaching was tiring because I wasn't use to exploring and fighting the wild (bugs and branches). It was very hot but fun. Water is a must TRUST me its your bestfriend. I enjoyed it it reminded me of scavenger hunting. These people really have alot of time on thier hands because some of these caches have to good of an hiding place. I hate when we have looked so long for a cache and can't find it -__-. I feel disappointed and like we gave up or we just wasted time. The first thing I wanted to do when I was done geocaching was go take a shower. Your so sweaty and exhausted all you want to do is sit. One good tip is never sit or take a break while geocaching cause you will not want to get up lol. My last time geocaching was actually better than the first because it wasnt so hot ! For some reason most of these caches were hidden in walls of rock O_o. We made sure to keep all the "mugglers" out well we tried we was not low. Both of these events will never be forgotten. ^__^