My Time WIth Geocaching

Geocaching is fun. However, you need to have patience when looking for a cache. Before going geocaching, we split into four groups and each group researched a topic that we thought should be discussed in the election in November. My group in particular researched college tuition. We basically had to find Pro's and Con's about college tuition. But once we actually went Geocaching, we had to use a megellan, a GPS device, to find the location of the caches. We also used iPads to help with the descriptions of whatever we were looking for as well as logging in that we found each cache into the Geocaching program. I personally thought that the cache were up in trees or out in the open but I was sadly mistaken. We had to go through bushes and places that you wouldn't normally walk through on a ergular visit to the park. The first two times we went out looking for the caches I freaked out because I wasnt used to being in those parts of the parks and I DO NOT have a liking for bugs or insects. ESPECIALLY SPIDERS! But yesterday I had fun because there were far less spiders in Forest Park than Prospect Park. Or maybe i jus wasnt aware of them as much as I was last week. But anyways, Geocaching is a fun and new experience for everyone to at least try.