NMC 2010 Horizon Report

The latest NMC Horizon Report is out. This is the second year Global Kids has been involved by Barry Joseph being part of the advisory board. Also some of our thoughts on game-based learning are included in it.

Two to Three Years: Game-Based Learning

Although they are not often integrated in the classroom, game-based approaches like this have been used effectively in extracurricular programs like Odyssey of the Mind, Destination ImagiNation, and Math and Science Olympiads for some time. These programs involve students in interdisciplinary problem-solving competitions that exercise and develop a wide range of skills. A digital counterpart to these activities is the Global Kids Gaming Initiative, which uses online games to promote digital literacy skills, global awareness, and citizenship among young people. Urban youth taking part in Global Kids’ Playing 4 Keeps program create and play games about social issues of global significance. Designing and developing games is another way to bring games into the curriculum. Good game design involves research, creative thinking, the ability to envision both problems and solutions, and many other learning skills.

View the full report here.