NYC Haunts Goes to Philly!

NYC Haunts Goes to Philly!

See if you can solve this riddle about a famous historical landmark in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: It was used to bring the people together to hear of their new country. Once it was strong; now it sits in disrepair.

What is it? 


Still not sure? It's the Liberty Bell! 


Answers to riddles like this and other triva questions about some fascinating historical landmarks were answered by thirty-seven Freshmen from Long Island City (LIC) High School who participated in a Global Kids field trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, we toured the campuses of University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, but we also checked out some historical landmarks by playing a geo-locative game on TaleBlazer using smartphones and tablets.



During the two weeks leading up to the trip, a number of LIC students contributed to the development, design, and research of a TaleBlazer game in which the ghost of Benjamin Franklin leads players around sites located in Washington Square Park, Independence National Historical Park, and Franklin Square. In order to move through each park, players have to answer riddles and questions about each landmark presented by Mr. Franklin. By answering correctly, Franklin awards players with pennies because, as he always says, "A penny saved is a penny earned." Some noteable sites include the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Liberty Bell, and Benjamin Franklin's Burial Site.