NYC Haunts at MS 391 - The Great Poe Park Mystery

Global Kids leaders guiding the Great Poe Park Mystery

The Global Kids Leaders from MS 391 proudly presented the final version of their game "The Great Poe Park Mystery." Five of the dedicated students who devoted time, energy and creativity to make this location based game presented to youth at the Fordham library discussing their process for the game, the local history that inspired them, and the mechanics of how the game will work once they test it. Joshua took charge in giving the group a guided tour beginning at the front of the Fordham library.

The youth were guided throughout the park, learning about its farmland past and the changes it has seen over time in terms of the pollution in the area. During gameplay we discovered a glitch in our programming where due to there being multiple players and only one of an item needed to move to the next goal. After visiting characters and finding clues they were able to discover part of the mystery of their character. The game concluded by asking players to either sign a petition to continue supporting sustainable legislation in the Bronx or create a short video message about actions they would take to combat pollution.

The youth from the library shared their opinions about the game with the youth leaders and discussed what were the highlights. We will soon share footage from the day but if you are interested in seeing the final product, download the ARIS app for your iOS mobile device and search for "GK NYC Haunts Chapter One" to play the quick travel version or if you happen to find yourself by the Bronx Library Center, search "The Great Poe Park Mystery" to play and get the full experience.