P4K Camp Day 1

July 6, 2010

Hello there. My name is Quiniese Egerton and I will be reporting to you daily about this P4K summer program that I am a part of. For starters I learned about this opportunity through The Door. My role as a participant/intern allows me to go through this program and give feed back to the staff about the program.

The P4K Summer Camp is a two-week intensive program, that gives us participants a look at what it means to design a serious game. During this camp, we will test a curriculum that GK has created, to make sure it works, create a serious game design, present that design at the end of the two-weeks, AND create videos to represent the various departments that we take part in through the curriculum. These departments are ones that could be found in a game design organization, such as art, game writing, sound, etc.

Ok, so today was my first day part of the P4K summer program and it is safe to say it turned out better than I thought it would. The other participants are all pretty cool. They all participate and are all very interactive, which overpowers any shy awkwardness. The instructors are also really upbeat and their energy helps keep us up, which allows for some really great things to happen. Like for example, the interview activity. During this time we took video footage of each other in groups testing out sound, lighting, framing, questions, and overall quality. This also gave us a chance to get to know each other.

We also did 2 other activities. One I will name, Tell Me a Picture. Basically in this activity one person described a picture given to them, to their partner, and another that I will name Questions, where we were paired off and given a question, both partners had to answer but while one was answering the other was listening. These activities tested both communication and listening skills. Overall it was an amazing day and I look forward to many more.