P4K Camp Day 3

July 8
Ok, so today was interesting. We were broken up into two groups and worked on activities. The first group worked on Activities 3 and 5, while the second group worked on Activities 4 and 6. It was interesting. I got activities 4 and 6.

In activity 4, I learned about goals, obstacles and chance. Goals can be expressed in two ways, first what do you want the player to accomplish in the overall game or second, what does the player need to advance to the next level. Obstacles are the tough parts, the things you need to beat or get around, and lastly chance is what may be unexpected, like falling without knowing what is under you.

In activity 6, I did the found object game. I used found objects [objects that I randomly chose from a selection] to create a game. This was similar to change and I think it turned out pretty well. Until next time.