[p4k] What We Did in P4K Today

Today we had a mini-conference during regents week. The youth leaders were willing to come back to school during their break and spend the afternoon learning more about how to use Second Life.

First we asked the teens to blog answers to the following questions:

1) What do you like so far about P4K?
2) What would you like to improve or change?
3) What do you want to learn in SL today?

Then the teens came up with the following list of things they wanted to learn today:
- How to teleport
- How to build
- How to get more items
- How to make or get clothes
- How to shoot a gun
- How to communicate

We then put out a call to all Global Kids friends and a dozen or so teleported over to the sandbox on GK island - from England, from Finland, from our machinima program in Queens - and spent two hours helping the P4K teens out. So each P4K student had at least once, and at times two, assistants from the TSL communities. We could not have done it without them! By the end of the day, the teens had each learned the goals they had set for the day (except for learning how to shoot the gun - not allowed on GK island!)