[p4k/teen] What I did at the GLS Conference

I had a great experience at the 2007 GLS conference. GLS stands for Games, Learning and Society. This conference is a place in which many professionals discuss games and things surrounding them. These people discussed many things like the philosophy of games, how to do surveys about games and so on.

At this conference in a teen panel I and two other students named Angela and Lane discussed about our activities in Second Life and in Global Kids. Angela and I were a part of Global Kids while Lane never got involved in Global Kids but was involved in second life. I discussed the game Consent which focuses on prison experimentation. Angela spoke about her Machinima program which dealt with child soldiers. At first while presenting I was overwhelmed and felt shy, but as I answered the questions I began to feel very confident.

At this conference today we heard two other discussions. One was on the idea of cheating. This discussion gave me new perspective of the ideal of cheating. Another discussion dealt with the idea of conducting surveys on games and their impact. This program showed me the problems that sociologists must go through in their field of work.

So in the end of the day, we had a great time in the conference and in Wisconsin. This experience has had a great effect on me and I wish I could stay here longer.