Race to the White House

Race to the White House has been quite a journey for the last two weeks. I certainly enjoyed it very much. This project has been quite successful in my opinion. Looking back at all the preparations before the program starts, I think it all worked out very well.


Although this program started two weeks ago, we started preparing it many weeks in advance. I made the maps and set up all the GPS devices for them. We had to buy sunscreen, batteries garden gloves and bug repellent. I used to think these items were not necessary but they all had their uses once we got into the park. Many students used gloves to reach place  they normally wouldn’t touch. For example, students have to reach a hole inside a hollow tree or the crack of a big rock. One time we went to Marine Park where there aren’t any shades, so students all have to use sunscreens.



Since we went to four parks in New York City, I needed to make four maps showing each geocaches to be found. This would make it easier for the students to find geocaches. The biggest challenge was to get to the place. We had to use public transportation. The weather was really hot and we all had to walk in open fields.



Besides the challenges, we all had a nice time together. We worked as one team and as one student put it “teamwork makes the dream work”. At the end, those students put together what they learned and gave other students a nice presentation on what they learned in “Racing to the White House”.


I felt the students learned a lot from participating this project. They enjoyed themselves very much. You can see they had really a nice time during these two weeks. Some of them improved their writing skills because they had to write descriptions about the political issues they selected for the project. Some of them improved their public speaking skills because they had to present to their peers constantly. Some of them learned how to use GPS devices because that is required to do geocaching. Everybody worked hard and improved their skills. I felt very glad to have participated in such a wonderful program.