[SL] Global Kids goes to San Francisco for SL Views 3

This past week, Global Kids (in the form of Rafi Santo) took a visit to Linden Lab, creators of Second Life. GK has been working with Linden Lab closely for almost a year now. They were there when on our island broke as it was brought from the main grid to the teen grid, they were there when we opened the Camp GK maze against sex trafficking, and have been greatly supportive of our work in the teen grid. Now, we got to give a little back to Linden Lab and the Second Life community as a whole.

Every couple of months LL holds Second Life Views, a meeting where a small group of Second Life residents comes together to share views from the community on the direction of Second Life. The meeting was quite engaging, touching on many issues both about the world and community of SL as well as about the technology that makes that world possible, and, in the opinion of some, defines it.

What was most interesting was the kind of mix of people that were brought together. The group ranged from educators to programmers, non-profits to land barons, builders, people that work in climatology, even someone that owns a massive virtual airfield. Not to forget, of course, the teen representative, Alpha Zaius! The perspectives were many and varied, representing almost every type of person that might be involved in Second Life.

To me, this kind of meeting is unique and rare. But Second Life is a world that is created by its residents, and it would only make sense that they have a say in how their world develops. As this world grows and moves forward, I've no doubt that these kind of interactions between the community members and those that are facilitating its growth will become more and more necessary and helpful for both parties. Glad to see that Linden Lab is starting early.

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