[sl] Music Video of Henry Jenkin's Visit

On December 20, 2006, Henry Jenkins spoke and danced while attending Global Kids' UNICEF A World Fit For Children Festival, in Teen Second Life. Below is a brief overview of highlights of our hour with Henry. He had much to offer, but my personal favorite was:

    "We have to think of ways to use games not just to escape reality but to re-engage with reality. And I think that is the exciting things about the kind of work you are doing at Global Kids. It is both grounded in the virtual space and the real space. You are talking about real things, that touch real people. And you are asking people to bring what they learn here back into their own communities to make a difference. That is one of the reasons why I really believe in what Global Kids is trying to accomplish."

Mariel, a TSL resident from Mexico brought to the Festival coordinating committee through UNICEF's Voices of Youth site, introduced Henry with the following:

    Hi, everyone! My name is Mariel –Voyunicef-, I’m sixteen years old, and I live in Mexico City. I’ve been a member of UNICEF’s online community for young people all over the World, Voices of Youth (www.unicef.org/voy) for the last two years, and my life’s pretty much changed since the first moment I logged on.

    Well, I have the honour to present a person thanks to whom I didn't only pass a few subjects this semestre, hehe, but also thanks to whom I sort of am getting an idea of what I want to do with my life.

    His name is Henry Jenkins, and, in my opinion, the only thing missing in his collection is the Nobel for Chemistry. He is the head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies' Comparative Media Studies Program, and also teaches literature (and related subjects). He likes to talk about the relation between media and people, youth and culture in general.

    If you visit his section on MIT webpage (http://web.mit.edu/cms/People/henry3/) you will find a bit about his works (that are on like, everything - from entertainment to gender studies).

    I've quoted a few articles he's written on the relation of media and education (as an essay/speech/project I am working on for school has got to do with that), so speaking to him is to me like speaking to a Hollywood superstar (with +435 IQ, of course :]).

    Today, Henry has come to present "We're Not Playing Around Here!: The Pedagogical Potential of Computer and Video Games". In other words, what we can learn through playing games. So please join me in welcoming Professor Henry Jenkins....