[teen/conf] Google Conference

Hello Again,
This blog is about the Breakthrough Learning conference Rafi, Barry, Nafiza and I attended. Primarily focused on Technology and the use of media in classrooms, this conference was held in Mountain View, California on the 27th and 28th of October, 2009 at Google's headquarters. Through out the conference there were many interesting speakers who ranged from professors from the University of Maryland to people who worked for the company that produces Sesame Street, to the one of the Co founders of Google Sergey Brin, even Grover from Sesame Street visited for a bit.

There were also some other teens and pre-teens there. There was a teen named Rosie from a group called BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition). Also from that group was Carlos and Robert. From MOUSE was Tyler, Michael and Pablo, and from International Children's Media Library was Dana ( she's 10). Dana was the only child that presented a question to the firstt panel of speakers. Her question was "I like music, but have trouble in Math. How can media help me in that situation?" At that moment it seemed like the conference turned into a political arena with the skill that these people avoided answering her question (at least not directly).

We did a play at the end of the conference in which we got to work with one of the greatest scholars that you can find in the world of media, James Paul Gee, before we led the adults to the 'Tech Playground' which was filled with technology, i.e, video games/ other computer related games that had not come out yet.

Over all it was a lot of fun, I was glad that I got to go.