Teens Express Concerns, Hopes and Plans at Forum on Second Life Teen Grid Merger

GKid Teengrid Transfer Open Forum (22)

Here is a report on the Youth Forum on the Teen Grid Merger that Global Kids held yesterday afternoon on Global Kids Island.  It was a fun and insightful conversation with twenty or so excited avatars, most of whom had never been involved in Global Kids programs before, as far as I could tell. 

GKid Teengrid Transfer Open Forum (11)As a bit of background, the virtual world of Second Life has for most of its existence had two distinct "grids," an area for adults above the age of 18 and a "Teen Grid" for 13 to 17 year olds.  On the Teen Grid, a small number of adult educational and youth development institutions are allowed to have a presence there, run programs and bring in approved adults. But for the most part, the Teen Grid was a unique youht-led space that was run, developed and controlled by the teens that hung out there.

In mid 2010, Linden Lab announced that the Teen Grid as it exists would be gone, and that most of those accounts and virtual land would be brought over to the Main Grid at the beginning of 2011.  Thus, this is the last week of the existing Teen Grid. Read more about it on the Linden Lab officlal blog and Betterverse.

Since this is a historic occasion, at least for the thousands of teens on the Teen Grid, we thought it would be appropriate to invite them to an open forum to talk about what the merger means to them.  The full, unedited transcript of that event is appended below, mispellings and all. I know it is kind of hard to read, so I summarize the main points here. 

What's So Special About the Teen Grid?

I asked the teens to talk about what they thought was being lost with the grids merging.   Some of their comments:

GKid Teengrid Transfer Open Forum (10)Hayley : well... its just that i have been here for so long.. and have met any teens.. many great memories were made on this grid 

Blaze : I think one thing we may be losing is people we can easily relate to 

Rose: Teen grid was a haven of new ideas, it was also a home where everyone knew almost everyone else. 

Blaze : the teen grid isn't so much a world as it is just a close community

Hayley : its jsut that the teens.. well we think alike.. and we act the same.. our mind sets are the same.. and some wouldnt know what to do with adults 

Karissa : I mean we are going to lose the closeness of everyone. everyones going to be scattered around.

Rose: I don't think adults grasp how important designing and content creation is on Teen Grid…. Teen Grid is so small that designers know every other designer. I can honestly say that I know almost everyone on this grid. Content creators are responsible for a large portion of the circulation of wealth in our economy. We're losing that close atmosphere.

What Teens Are Concerned About

We discussed what the teens were most concerned about with the grids being merged.  Several of them, particularly those under 16 years old, were upset about the loss of the 13-15 year olds from the new merged Second Life. 

PintoPony : well being 13 they are expecting me to wait 3 years to continue. thats not fair 

Ponytoy: Yeah, see, 13-15 year olds are getting shut out completely, and 16-17 year olds are getting thrown into a world where, any friends they had that were under 16 are gone, and the majority of people around are adults who think teens are, as someone said, comparable to a plague 

Blaze : I think most teens under 16 are leaving as the thought of being closed in one region matches up to being locked in a cage 

Ponytoy: What burns me up is that there are plenty of ways LL could have handled 13-15 year olds other than putting them "on hold". It's like they didn't even think about it.

Several teens noted that they didn't think that they were welcome on the Main Grid:

Hayley : do the adults REALLY want us therE?
Nintendofanboy : Hayley, most adults are not that enthused to have teens
Blaze : From what I've been hearing, some adults consider us the plague
Hayley : from the forums i have seen. they are not too happy :/
Blaze : I think most adults who have a great fear of us will probably just retreat to restricted regions

One teen, Rose, mentioned that she was concerned about unwanted sexual advances from adults on the Main Grid.

Blaze did his own investigation of the Main Grid, and found that there was a lot of inappropriate content that teens could access fairly easily.  You can read more about it on his blog.

Hayley noted that some teens were discouraged about marketing their wares on the Main Grid since they didn't think they could compete with adult creators.

What Teens Are Excited about the Merge

While there were definitely concerns, several teens seemed genuinely excited about the grid merger.

Heatherr : I dont see a reason why you wouldn't want to because there is a bigger opportunity to be known on sl in MG and more "jobs" and lots of other things! nto to mention tons of people that can help you, and resources
Nintendofanboy : I think that the building classes and scripting classes etc on the mg will be great for builders who are ten

Several teens expressed a desire to bring their creations and services to the Main Grid and market them to the larger consumer base there. Some were interested in the idea of a teen-only market or mall that they controlled but that adults could visit and purchase from.  Nintendofanboy Whitfield wrote "I think the adults would be really impressed wtih how creative the teens are."

Next Steps, Projects

GKid Teengrid Transfer Open Forum (29)Several teens were interested in ways to stay in touch with each other after the merge. They noted that there was a lack of a common space or forum where only they can congregate and communicate, unlike the Teen Grid.

Several suggested using the "Groups" function to stay in touch with other teens, including specific programs like Youth for Christ and Global Kids, as well as their own teen-led groups for builders and artists.  Others suggested alternative social networking tools like Facebook and Skype, particularly for staying in touch with those teens under 16 whose accounts on Second Life are being frozen.  Some mentioned that there were OpenSim grids that they could all congregate on, such as Reaction Grid.

Hopes for the Merger

We closed the meeting with hopes for what the merger might bring to them.

Blaze : I guess my wish for the merge is that we can simply go about as normal. No drastic changes, no more drama than we normally face, no legal problems and no pain. 

Nintendofanboy : Rik, my hope is there would be a vital teen community where teens can interact with one another and adults who enjoy relating appropriately to teens can also be involved 

Ponytoy: My hope is that at some point this year LL will actually listen to what they're (in some cases, paying) customers are saying, and find a solution that works for a larger percentage of people

Second Life Teen Blogs

Here are some links to the blogs of some of the teens who were present at the meeting, to get their own perspectives in their own words:

Note that if you have other comments and concerns about the Teen Grid Merger, please comment here or drop a notecard at the amphitheater at Global Kids island (teleport link.)

Thanks so much to Rhiannon Chatnoir, Frans Charming, Amulius Lioncourt and Josephine Dorado for their able assistance in pulling off this last minute event. You are all rock stars.


Full, Unedited Transcript of Teen Grid Merger Youth Forum 

December 29 from 3-4pm PST on Global Kids Island

[14:54] Second Life: Teleport completed from Governors Island 2 (129,35,26)
[14:54] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Hello
[14:54] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): he frans
[14:54] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): hi midnight sun
[14:55] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): welcome PintoPondy
[14:55] xChip v3.81: Now arriving in Global Kids...
[14:55] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): hi
[14:56] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): hi albenn
[14:56] albenn Snowpaw (albenn.snowpaw): hi
[14:56] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Hi
[14:57] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly): Smartie :D
[14:57] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): thanks everyone for coming
[14:57] Smartie Miami (smartie.miami): Sup Jeremy?
[14:57] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): have a seat and we'll get started in a minute
[14:57] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly): nothing
[14:57] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly): u
[14:57] Smartie Miami (smartie.miami): Music
[14:58] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly):  ¸.•❤❤•.¸ღ ♥ღ ❥ ɧąץⓛȼΫ ❥ღ ♥ღ ¸.•❤❤•.¸
[14:58] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): hayley come sit beside me :D!
[14:59] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly):  (¯`·.¸¸¸.¤ª“˜¨¨“ª¤.¸.·> *** ɧ乇αtⒽεr*** <·.¸.¤ª˜¨¨˜“ª¤.¸¸¸.· ´¯)
[14:59] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): Hey Jeremy
[14:59] xChip v3.81: Now arriving in Global Kids...
[14:59] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): oo this is bloggable material
[15:00] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): yeah please blog this up and share
[15:00] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Blaze you and me.
[15:00] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): yep :)
[15:00] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano) shouts: HAYLEY COME HERE NAO! >:o
[15:00] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano) shouts: <33
[15:00] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): So before we get started, just wanted everyone to know that we  are going to be sharing a transcript of this forum with Lindens and others
[15:00] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): JEREMY
[15:01] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly): :D
[15:01] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): YOUR SITTING IN KALIS SPOT
[15:01] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Fair warning!
[15:01] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): >:O
[15:01] xChip v3.81: Now arriving in Global Kids...
[15:01] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): there you go!
[15:01] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg
[15:01] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): :)
[15:01] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hhaha
[15:01] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly): lol
[15:01] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I'm gonna wait a minute since people are still rezzing in
[15:01] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Sup Rhiannon
[15:01] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Thanks.
[15:02] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Oh, dear.
[15:02] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I'm lagging.
[15:02] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Rose, do you have anything to announce while we are weaiting?
[15:02] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Yes, thanks.
[15:03] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): where is rose at?
[15:03] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Right there on the stage.
[15:03] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): floor
[15:03] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :P
[15:03] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): on the logo
[15:03] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano) waves hands to make a scene and yells hay gurll  how you doin downt here
[15:03] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): She's up front being a nonconformist.
[15:03] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :P
[15:03] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Guys tonight at 6PM SL time, we are hosting the Teen Grid  Blowout Bash for everyone on this grid. You are all welcome to come. It is a formal event, so please  make sure your attire is appropriate.
[15:03] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): so many from Eros
[15:03] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): wear the NICE flip-flops
[15:04] Smartie Miami (smartie.miami): So, bathing suit!
[15:04] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Haha, of course!
[15:04] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I guess I need to dust out my tie.
[15:04] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Exactly. ㋡
[15:04] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Smartie, don't be so shy
[15:04] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): aint got no nice flip flops.. just them old navy  ones i wear every day
[15:04] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): ahaha
[15:04] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :P
[15:04] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Link to my blog if you would like to know where to get attire.
[15:04] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly): Come and join YFC3D to sign up go to ------>  WWW.yfc3d.weebly.com
[15:04] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): thanks Rose
[15:04] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Sure.
[15:04] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): No Jeremy! >:O
[15:04] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): im already a member
[15:05] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): muahahahaha
[15:05] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa) shouts: Thank you for having me
[15:05] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): im already one too
[15:05] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[15:05] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): So before we get started, these are the ground rules
[15:05] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Don't hurt yourself Rose...
[15:05] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): me too
[15:05] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): ._.
[15:05] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): there is a giant ass horse
[15:05] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): lol
[15:05] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): 1: we are going to be sharing the3 transcript of this event with  the Lindens and others, so please remember that as you are typing
[15:05] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hhaha
[15:05] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): ok then Rik
[15:05] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): don't type stuff you don't want others to see!
[15:05] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): darn...
[15:06] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Please respect these guys.
[15:06] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): k manners.
[15:06] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): 2: we are going to follow the general Global Kids guideliens for  all our events
[15:06] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): which are?
[15:06] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): first guideline is "Participation"
[15:06] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): ?
[15:06] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Obviously you are here, so you are ready to do that!
[15:06] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): 2nd guideline is "One Mic"
[15:06] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): oh i hate that
[15:06] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): lol
[15:07] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): if someone has the floor, let's try and respect them so they can  say what they want
[15:07] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): understandable
[15:07] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I'll try and call on folks in order so everyone gets a chance
[15:07] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): lastly "safe space"
[15:07] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo) raises his hand! >_>
[15:08] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): everyone is entitled to their opinion and this isn't a debate
[15:08] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): how long is this going to be? ._.
[15:08] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): if you don't agree, that's fine
[15:08] ??? (???): Cronos.
[15:08] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Just an hour Cronos
[15:08] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): ok then Rik
[15:08] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): but you can of course stay longer
[15:08] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): i will brb
[15:08] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): are those guidelines okay with everyone?
[15:08] ??? (???): I agree.
[15:08] Cronos Solo (cronos.solo): yeh shure
[15:08] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Say yes or woot in chat if thats cool
[15:08] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): ao off
[15:08] ??? (???): Who's with me?
[15:08] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): yeah
[15:09] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Yep
[15:09] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I don't see any problem with the guidelines
[15:09] ??? (???): yuh
[15:09] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): awesome
[15:09] ??? (???): Nic, don't be a smart--
[15:09] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): first I want to ask if there is any topic people are BURNING UP  to talk about, so we make sure and get to it?
[15:09] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): just type it out
[15:10] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): MGers opinion on TGers.
[15:10] ??? (???): why people DONT wanna merge
[15:10] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): How well prepared the maingrid is for teens
[15:10] ??? (???): why people DO wanna merge
[15:11] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rik, what options are open to those 15  and under
[15:11] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): cool. anything else
[15:11] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I had something in mind, but forgot.
[15:11] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): okay tell us later if it ccoems to you
[15:11] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead) nods.
[15:12] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): first off, I want to say that we aren't Lindens and you might  know about as much as we do about what is going to happen in January
[15:12] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): but we'll do our best to answer things that we DO know
[15:12] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Let's start off with why people don't want to merge, or what  they are afraid will happen?
[15:13] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): heaqther did you have an opinion on that?
[15:13] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): I dont see a reason why you wouldn't want to  because there is a bigger opportunity to be known on sl in MG and more "jobs" and lots of other  things!
[15:14] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): nto to mention tons of people that can help you,  and resources
[15:14] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): so you are less worried and more excited?
[15:14] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): im more excited.. i wanted ot hear why people  didn't want to merge
[15:14] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): im not really worried... its just that I like the fact of having  something for TEENS
[15:14] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): you know?
[15:14] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): yeah Hayley
[15:15] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): so Hayley, you think the teens are going to lose that?
[15:15] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): not exactly.. i just like having something for the teens. but at  the same time.. do the adults REALLY want us therE?
[15:15] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Have you guys heard whether there's a Teen-Only land rating  available?
[15:15] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I don't think there is
[15:15] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Not that I know of
[15:16] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): WHAT!!!!!!!
[15:16] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): from whaaatt! i've read and saw lots of adults  are excited for us to come
[15:16] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Hayley, most adults are not that enthused  to have teens
[15:16] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): though, if many adults buy into stereotypes, they probably  wouldn't come near the TG continent
[15:16] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): there's "mature" PG and G
[15:16] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): from the ones I have talked to
[15:16] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): From what I've been hearing, some adults consider us the plague
[15:16] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): from the forums i have seen. they are not too happy :/
[15:16] Ponytoy (ponyboy.galaxy): Actually there's "Adult", "Moderate", and "General". Those are the  new terms
[15:16] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): its just very uncomfortable
[15:16] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): As an adult, can I ask what is so special about the Teen Grid  that might be lost?
[15:17] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Well.
[15:17] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): well... its just that i have been here for so long.. and have met  any teens.. many great memories were made on this grid
[15:17] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rick, well, half of the teens for one  thing (ages 13-15)
[15:17] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): and that
[15:17] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): well there is an up, atleast the teen grid land  is coming with us!
[15:17] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): For starters, it's that ingenuity. Young minds bring new things  to the world.
[15:18] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I think one thing we may be losing is people we can easily relate  to
[15:18] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah Blaze is right
[15:18] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): since the TOS changed, i made a teen account and took a peek in  the maingrid
[15:18] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Teen grid was a haven of new ideas, it was also a home where  everyone knew almost everyone else.
[15:18] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): it's actually pretty hard to relate there
[15:18] Josephine Darling (josephine.darling): So, fresh perspective & community
[15:18] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): most people seem to use Sl as a replacement for their real life
[15:18] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): almost as if their avatar is a living organism that has real  needs
[15:18] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): well being 13 they are expecting me to wait 3  years to continue. thats not fair
[15:18] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): and... teens are discouraged.. they dont think the things they  make can match up to the things on mg.. so they stop creating new things
[15:19] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): PintoPony and other under 15 yos, are you going to be brought  into the MG through other organizations or schools?
[15:19] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): I dont consider sl as a replacement, i consider  it a bigger part of my life because i've met a lot of great people and my friends who have made a huge  impact on me and i think of sl as a part of my first life
[15:19] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Hayley, but, if teens leave their prices  low on clothing and such they can outprice the MG creators....
[15:19] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hmm
[15:19] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): true
[15:19] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): BTW who here is under 15, if I can ask?
[15:20] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I turned 15 a week ago.
[15:20] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): WHAT!!!!!!!
[15:20] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): under 15... whaaatt! if you ARE 15?
[15:20] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): ha
[15:20] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): no I dont belong to any
[15:20] Ponytoy (ponyboy.galaxy): Yeah, see, 13-15 year olds are getting shut out completely, and 16- 17 year olds are getting thrown into a world where, any friends they had that were under 16 are gone,  and the majority of people around are adults who think teens are, as someone said, comparable to a  plague
[15:20] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): I am sining up for yfc3d
[15:20] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): The fact of the matter is, is that some people won't be  able to continue in the face of better stuff...but we're nto talking about the current solid creators.  The current big designers will be able to survive.
[15:20] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I think most teens under 16 are leaving as the thought of being  closed in one region matches up to being locked in a cage
[15:21] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): they want more freedom
[15:21] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): That's what TSL provided us with.
[15:21] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): guys corect me if I'm wrong, but under 16 yos can come to the  MG, but locked to an island of a specific organization
[15:21] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): yes
[15:21] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I've been playing this snce I was 13, I've grown up on here.
[15:21] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): I think that's only if your school sponsors an SL region  IIRC.
[15:21] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I heard the accounts weould just be frozen.
[15:21] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Would*
[15:21] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Depends.
[15:21] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): Yeah i heard frozen too
[15:21] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rik, yes...and do they get to keep their  av and content or do they have to resign up ?
[15:21] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah i heard they are going to be frozen
[15:21] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): You keep your accounts.
[15:21] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): So Global Kids island can bring over our teens under 16
[15:21] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): That I heard from the horse's mouth.
[15:22] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): yeah they said sell all your land and cash out  your L because you are getting frozen
[15:22] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Your account just unfreezes on your 16th bday.
[15:22] ??? (???): Yes, that's correct.
[15:22] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Like Artemis said.
[15:22] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Sorry we got sidetracked
[15:22] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): WHAT!!!!!!!
[15:22] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): heres another question, whaaatt! if you are  actually 16 and over.. but you may have lied or messed up on your birthday?
[15:22] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Let me ask what are you guys most excited about with the Grid  Merger?
[15:23] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Heather, you have to submit a ticket.
[15:23] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): so what am i supposed to do fro 3 years
[15:23] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): business :D
[15:23] Ponytoy (ponyboy.galaxy): That leads to an awkward "How old am I?" Support ticket to LL
[15:23] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Yeah, business
[15:23] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): and exploration
[15:23] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): lol
[15:23] ??? (???): Lolol.
[15:23] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): more opportunities, more people, more things
[15:23] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): people
[15:23] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xP
[15:23] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): I waont have any friends when I come back if i  havent seen them for 3 years
[15:23] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Well, that's how it's gotta go.
[15:23] ??? (???): It's frustrating.
[15:23] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I'm sorry, I know its not easy Pinto
[15:23] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rik, I think that the building classes  and scripting classes etc on the mg will be great for builders who are ten
[15:23] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): you could always get their skype or FB
[15:23] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): some form of contact
[15:24] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[15:24] ??? (???): Most of us have contact with each other outside of second life.
[15:24] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): E-Mail is one.
[15:24] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): skype <3
[15:24] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): As blaze said, skype or facebook.
[15:24] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): What is this, the 90's? :P Have them make a skype
[15:24] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Haha
[15:24] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :')
[15:24] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): lol
[15:24] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Sean, you're so meanto me <3
[15:24] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Are there OpenSim grids that don't mind if there are teens  there? Like Joykadia?
[15:24] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): its so wierd how.. like this is chatting to  someone.. but we'd rather chat here than skype.. its like we are really beside each other
[15:24] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): lol Art
[15:25] Blaze Borgin: none at all I think
[15:25] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly): www.yfc3d.weebly.com
[15:25] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): we can check on this
[15:25] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): if people are interested
[15:25] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): OSgrid and NewWorldGrid were pretty nice
[15:25] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I haven't checked out YFC yet
[15:25] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Yes Rick, YFC is creating a new YFC Grid  called YFC3D...you can get free land...it's just starting up
[15:25] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): I joined yfc3d
[15:25] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): YFC<3
[15:25] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Reaction Grid is good too if you can handle the crashes
[15:25] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): WHAT!!!!!!!
[15:25] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): whaaatt! does YFC actually stand for?
[15:25] Jeremy Xootfly (jeremy.xootfly): to sign up for YFC3d go to www.yfc3d.weebly.com
[15:25] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Blaze, yfc3d is through reaction grid
[15:25] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Youth for christ
[15:25] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): nice! is that YFC space going to be opensim?
[15:25] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): thought so
[15:26] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Heather, Youth for Christ...or young  friend chickens :)
[15:26] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): wait.. really?
[15:26] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): lool
[15:26] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rik yes it is
[15:26] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): What if you're hindu :|
[15:26] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): I am from YFC we are setting up the  economy this week
[15:26] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon) facepalms.
[15:26] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Hindus for christ?
[15:26] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Youth for Vishnu?
[15:26] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): HFC!
[15:26] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): sorry bad joke
[15:26] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): lol
[15:26] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hahahah
[15:26] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): KFC!½
[15:26] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): woo!
[15:26] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg
[15:26] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): lolol
[15:26] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Hunderage people for Cookies
[15:26] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Hahaha.
[15:26] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): anyway YFC is open to anyone whatever  they believe
[15:26] Ponytoy (ponyboy.galaxy): What burns me up is that there are plenty of ways LL could have  handled 13-15 year olds other than putting them "on hold". It's like they didn't even think about it.
[15:26] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): it appears the train is derailing again
[15:26] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Nintendo, I'm aware.
[15:27] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): There are a lot of things LL could have done better
[15:27] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): obviously an important issue for under 16 yos
[15:27] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): So Rose or somebody else asked what is being done on the MG to  prepare for all of these teeens arriving
[15:27] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I did
[15:27] Teen Grid Merger - Open Forum:: Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
[15:27] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I had a similar question.
[15:28] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): ahBlaze, sorry
[15:28] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I know there has been a lot of TALK about it
[15:28] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): like all of the educational sims are thinking about doing teen  programs, and the nonprofits
[15:29] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): But the big question is how will teens know what is available to  them?
[15:29] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[15:29] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Classifieds?
[15:29] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Teens reaching other teends?
[15:29] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): *teens
[15:29] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): we'll keep running the Global Kids group, and can broadcast that  way
[15:29] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): and maybe Terrence can do specific blog posts geared toward  teeens
[15:29] ??? (???): Rik, YFC has a gropu over there and an island called YFC 25 Below, we hope you guys  will visit us
[15:29] ??? (???): are there any resources on the web or in the teen grid itself you guys turn to to  find out what is going on.. beyond the SL search?
[15:29] jenni Cristole (jenni.cristole): my school has land here in the tg. what is going to happen to  it? will it be moved to the mg?
[15:30] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): So you guys can keep informed through your existing groups
[15:30] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): what else can we do to keep you guys informed and aware?
[15:30] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Do you have a social hub in the MG?
[15:30] ??? (???): Jenni, it prob depends who owns your land what is going to happen to it
[15:30] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Sorry, I'm unaware of everything.
[15:30] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): There are many PS.
[15:30] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Yeah too many, PS
[15:30] jenni Cristole (jenni.cristole): I know that they also own land in the mg
[15:31] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Not that we would know, we haven't been on MG >_>.
[15:31] ??? (???): there are many social & community hubs depending on interest and say affiliation to  a school or group
[15:31] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): <_<.
[15:31] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I mean, Global Kids.
[15:31] ??? (???): so it gets tough to know every group, etc
[15:31] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): oh we will have this island still
[15:31] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I have :P
[15:31] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): that's true
[15:31] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): at least for the near future
[15:31] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Right.
[15:31] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): well, on a teen account
[15:32] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rik, will approved adults from the TG  (like YFC volunteers) be able to get acces to the GK island to hang out?
[15:32] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): What other things during the transition next year do you thnk  you will want help with?
[15:32] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and also these adult avatars of ours will be  transferred over as well.. so you can still IM/contact any of us for help or if you are looking for  info, etc
[15:32] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Not being hit on Pedofiles.
[15:32] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): *by
[15:32] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): That would be desirable.
[15:32] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha Rosalie
[15:32] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): It's true!
[15:32] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[15:32] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xD
[15:32] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): xD
[15:33] ??? (???): Well you can change land maturity ratings for that, right.
[15:33] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rosa, and the adults are equally worried  they will accidently hit on teens and get labeled a predator
[15:33] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I think that's why you won't be able to see who is a teen and  who is an adult in profile
[15:33] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): well you would report anything abusive, whether  griefing of things of a sexual nature
[15:33] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Right.
[15:33] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I believe there could be people deliberately doing that.
[15:33] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Please call me Rose.
[15:33] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): so, it's going to be important teens do  not lie about their age (say, a 16 year old girl with a 30 yo guy)...you could really get a guy in  trouble
[15:33] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): The thing is, if you want to hit on people, just go to a  mature/adult sim. We can't get in there without being at fault.
[15:33] Ponytoy (ponyboy.galaxy): There are place adults can go (Adult and Moderate sims) that won't  have teens, but there won't be anywhere teens can go where there won't be any adults
[15:34] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I hear a lot of adults are taking refuge in Inworldz
[15:34] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): so helkp dealing with inappropriate adults. what else will you  want help with?
[15:34] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I am not sure if there are any teen owned sims  still here in teh grid, but those would transfer if they were over 16
[15:35] ??? (???): I mean i'm sure 16 year olds know how to handle thoe kinds of situations anyways.
[15:35] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): so in theory, you could hold land/a sim if a  teen and try to use that as a hub too
[15:35] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): those*
[15:35] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): i think we only have 5 teen owned sims here right?
[15:35] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): /and Bladen standing behind me is creeping me out BTW
[15:35] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): EL OH EL!
[15:35] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[15:35] ??? (???): lol Rik
[15:35] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): lol!
[15:35] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I can feel his breath
[15:35] ??? (???): haha
[15:35] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Bladen you're in public
[15:35] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): 0.0
[15:35] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg
[15:35] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[15:35] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): That's err.
[15:35] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): You have touch sensors?
[15:35] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Keep the freakiness to a minimum
[15:35] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Neat.
[15:36] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): quite the sensors you have there for a robot
[15:36] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): He's afk xD
[15:36] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I'm a very sophisticated droid
[15:36] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Gray here is jealous.
[15:36] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[15:36] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): He's beeping.
[15:36] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): /jealousy
[15:36] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): haha.
[15:36] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Are you running Gingerbread, Rik?
[15:36] ??? (???): Rik, you are starting to ruse where his breath hit you
[15:36] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): ok sorry, we were talking about help on hte MG
[15:36] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): LOL.
[15:37] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hahaha
[15:37] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): focus, people!
[15:37] ??? (???): rust
[15:37] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): of course, that is the larger advantage, you  will have now available for you guys to esplore all of the neat custom built spaces and objects of the  main grid
[15:37] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): *Teens
[15:37] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): Which is exciting
[15:37] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): is anyone going to be going into business on the MG with their  creations?
[15:37] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): yessir
[15:37] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Oh, yeah.
[15:37] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): i MIGHT
[15:37] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): or services?
[15:37] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah i totally will
[15:37] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :)
[15:38] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Me!
[15:38] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Nice. what are you hoping to do?
[15:38] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): there is an entire continent of science focused  sims even
[15:38] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Would it be helpful to have a piece of  land just for teen stores?
[15:38] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): yeah i am possibly
[15:38] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): YFC might be able to provide that
[15:38] Yuki Republic (yuki.republic): you better Heather :I
[15:38] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): a teen mall?
[15:38] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): yes
[15:38] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Avatar and apparel design
[15:38] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Rhiannon, will you be able to attend tonight's party?
[15:38] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): mall or whatever
[15:38] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): anyone could come and buy, but only teens  could be vendors
[15:38] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :')
[15:38] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): well Nintendofanboy that could be neat to keep  a community of merchants and activity space that is teen focused
[15:38] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): I think the adults would be really  impressed wtih how creative the teens are
[15:39] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): or would it be better to have your items integrated into the  general malls and markets?
[15:39] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): :>
[15:39] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): That'd be better for market.
[15:39] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): I think a litle of both
[15:39] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): If I may speak?
[15:39] Artemis Kangjon (artemis.kangjon): *little
[15:39] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): It can be both.
[15:39] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I'm planning on using the marketplace
[15:39] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): go Rose
[15:39] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I don't think adults grasp how important designing and content  creation is on Teen Grid.
[15:40] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Mhm.
[15:40] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Rik, I wanted to ask you, what do you know about Teen Grid?
[15:40] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Rose, say abit more about why it is so important?
[15:40] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Of course.
[15:40] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): then I'll answer your question...
[15:40] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :o!
[15:41] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Is voice chat eneables?
[15:41] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): *enabled?
[15:41] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): no I turned it off
[15:41] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Oh alright.
[15:41] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): sorry
[15:41] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): as an adult here in the teen grid, we of course  have limited experiences of those who come into these sims that participate in Global Kids events and  whatever they share with us regarding the larger grid
[15:41] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): yeah what she said
[15:41] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Anyways, I was saying that Teen Grid is so small that designers  know every other designer. I can honestly say that I know almost everyone on this grid.
[15:42] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): ah
[15:42] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): same
[15:42] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Ditto.
[15:42] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Content creators are responsible for a large portion of the  circulation of wealth in our economy.
[15:42] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): so the fish in the small pond is going into the ocean?
[15:42] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): Global Kids was the first adult group/project  outside of Linden Lab employees themselves here in the Teen Grid.. so we have tried to understand as  much as we can through the years
[15:42] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): We're losing that close atmosphere.
[15:42] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): yeah i coiuld prolly be put into every store and  tell you the name and owner of it
[15:42] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I have to eat dinner, so brb.
[15:42] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): you can get an idea of what we have done and  the teens involved, etc.. over that time on the blog we have ketp http://olpglobalkids.org
[15:42] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): k
[15:43] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): ok bring us back some food
[15:43] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Bon appetite, Rose.
[15:43] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): It actually is true what she said though,
[15:43] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): the teen grid isn't so much a world as it is just a close  community
[15:43] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): but of course, certain things.. like the day to  day expereince for you guys here in Teen SL, we rely on you to share with us what that is and how  something like this effects you
[15:43] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): but yeah.. im with rose.. she stole the words out of my mouth..  it can be overwhelming
[15:43] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Do any adults want to talk about what its like to be a creator /  seller on the MG?
[15:43] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Yeah i completely agree.
[15:44] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): do you feel like you get to know other creators and sellers  well?
[15:44] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): Midnight Sun or Frans.. care to weigh in
[15:44] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I'm dumb so I can't make or sell things
[15:44] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): you both are deeper content creators in the  adult grid of us here
[15:44] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): I can say, you can but you have to take a bit of effort.
[15:44] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): its jsut that the teens.. well we think alike.. and we act the  same.. our mind sets are the same.. and some wouldnt know what to do with adults
[15:44] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): There are many closenitted designer/creator groups.
[15:44] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): /Frans and Midnight are approved adults BTW
[15:45] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): But you can't like here know everyone.
[15:45] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Good point Hayley
[15:45] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): i know
[15:45] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): adults as creators, have a LOT more patience on  making things than we do as teens.
[15:45] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[15:45] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): There once was a time in MG you could, and the people who  lived through that, still miss it too.
[15:45] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): there are too many avatars, and places and  merchants to know all of them yes
[15:45] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): I mean we are going to lose the closeness of  everyone. everyones going to be scattered around.
[15:45] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[15:45] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): yes.. those of us old enough to have seen a  glimpse of that in the main grid
[15:45] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I think there is definitely a community of TG content creators  that should be maintained on teh MG if possible
[15:46] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): You could always make a close group and keep it tight, like any  other designers/artists.
[15:46] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): good idea PS
[15:46] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Right, I would suggest that.
[15:46] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): well.. I would say, create a group that is teen  led, have those who wanbt to stay in touch join it and use that as an initial communication point
[15:46] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): PS is my model, NIC is my callsign.
[15:46] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Sorry.
[15:46] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): lol. ok NIC
[15:46] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Thank you <3
[15:46] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Ok, let'
[15:46] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg haha
[15:46] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): ok, let's come up with a name for that  group
[15:46] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Well I feel like Fi's estates are going to be kept  teen run. That will be nice.
[15:46] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): enforcing the group might be hard no?
[15:47] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): then, people would know what group to  join over there
[15:47] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): since you can't tell who is teen and who isnt?
[15:47] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): Yeah... i like Fis sims being tenn run
[15:47] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): teen*
[15:47] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): beyond even say the adult groups we have... and  then you can start by if teens within that group get land in the main grid.. keep landmark locations  and make sure to visit and host events with each other
[15:47] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): im sure that for a while most teens will hang out  in fi's estates because that usually where most teens were anyways
[15:47] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): True, but people who know each other from here...
[15:47] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Yeah. I think she plans on keeping it that way. her  main concern is the safety of us.
[15:47] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): but waht about new teens who join SL?
[15:47] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and yes, if youc an band together to create a  sim or some plots together that are teen run you can start to create a community hub
[15:48] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): /this is awesome brainstorming BTW
[15:48] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): i think my main concern about this whole thing is being accepted  by the adults
[15:48] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): well, you would have to advertise the new group  and if you also have associatd land.. could ask LL to list it in their list of SL places
[15:48] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Same.
[15:48] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): though.. would have to worry on trolling
[15:48] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): If the group made any impact on the Grid, they would know of it.  But then again, knowing teens from adults is quite the challenge.
[15:48] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I guess that opens that can of worms too
[15:48] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): I feel like getting ready for the merge is like  putting together a presentation
[15:48] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I think most adults who have a great fear of us will probably  just retreat to restricted regions
[15:48] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Hayley, why don't you think adults will accept you?
[15:49] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): well.. form what i have read from many blogs
[15:49] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): they are NOT happy
[15:49] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): o.o
[15:49] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Ahh the early days of the merge announcement
[15:49] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): those were ugly
[15:49] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): well unfortunately, the squeaky wheels often  our the loudest.. but often are not the majority at all
[15:49] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): I think teens would do well to hang out  at GK, YFC, and some other Non profits that are already located here
[15:49] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Also, if the group consists to the sole purpose of relating to each  other and having similar minds, wouldn't that effectively exclude adults from the target audience? I  mean, why would someone want to join a group, thinking totally differently?
[15:49] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): and.. well.. i do have a mg account.. i have asked opinions.. and  they dont seem to like it
[15:49] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): I think a lot of us are trying to prove ourselves  to the adults and to show our best type thing.
[15:49] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): use those places to hang out, as you know  you have adults who will support you and be safe there
[15:50] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[15:50] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): well to keep a social connection with each  other is why you would want to join the group
[15:50] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): guys we only have 10 mins left
[15:50] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Well, i do have one more question
[15:50] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): a good example per se. is in the adult grid  there are many groups and even large communities that have evolved over like interest.. like interest  say in fantasy literature or steampunk themed builds that form social hubs for those interestes in the  same to connect and chat
[15:51] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): is there any other important topics we haven't covered?
[15:51] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): so you guys could do similar if you chose
[15:51] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Blaze, go ahead
[15:51] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): So
[15:51] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and of course, join those groups as well
[15:51] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): when the TOS changed, I made a legal teen maingrid account
[15:51] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): and
[15:51] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): it doesn't really seem like, in light of the new changes, that  the monitoring of content was well thought out
[15:52] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I mean
[15:52] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[15:52] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I've come across a lot of suggestive items in PG regions
[15:52] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): and
[15:52] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): the marketplace ratings are a mess
[15:52] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I think I read your blog post about this
[15:52] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I don't think the plan was to allow teens to purchase any sexgen  product
[15:52] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): there will definitely be bumps in the road
[15:52] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I think there are bugs to iron out for sure..  report thigns that are obviously not appropriate for the region they are in
[15:53] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): after all, anyone can say an item is one thing when it really is  another
[15:53] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hmm
[15:53] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): true
[15:53] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): not to mention how people dress...or  don't dress lol
[15:53] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Hm.
[15:53] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): so monitoring, reporting, and raection by Lindens is important
[15:53] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): and legal action where necessary
[15:53] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hmm
[15:53] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): though, the way it seems to work is that if  someone has items more suggestable in nature that is within their private space, even in a PG sim..  that is seen as ok.. meaning something like a bed inside of a private house
[15:54] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): This was at a public pool :P
[15:54] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): can I say that in my years of experience on the MG, I never  ACCIDENTALLY ran into some content that I found objectionable
[15:54] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): but like the internet, if you look for it, you can find it
[15:54] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[15:55] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): well... I have also seen blatant griefing of  that nature
[15:55] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rik, furniture shopping is a problem, and  skins...
[15:55] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): yes
[15:55] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): most skins in the main grid are anatomically  correct
[15:56] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): ok last five minutes to type out your hopes and wishes for 2011  on the new grid!
[15:56] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rhi and the sample pics are full frontal
[15:56] Joshie (bladen.foxclaw): Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back
[15:56] Joshie (bladen.foxclaw): artemis
[15:56] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): though, you could continue to make skins that  are more modest and sell that as a line
[15:56] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): nod yes Nintendofanboy
[15:56] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): and remember that we're going to post this later
[15:56] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): OOOOKAY!!
[15:56] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): I believe if they are in a G sim, they should have  something covering the naughty parts.
[15:57] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid) slaps forehead
[15:57] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): yes in a PG area, there should be somethibng  covering in that area of the sign
[15:57] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I guess my wish for the merge is that we can simply go about as  normal. No drastic changes, no more drama than we normally face, no legal problems and no pain.
[15:57] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rik, my hope is there would be a vital  teen community where teens can interact with one another and adults who enjoy relating appropriately  to teens can also be involved
[15:57] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead) whispers: If the interest of the group was to socialize with the  younger residents instead of the mainstream, wouldn't that work?
[15:57] Ponytoy (ponyboy.galaxy): My hope is that at some point this year LL will actually listen to  what they're (in some cases, paying) customers are saying, and find a solution that works for a larger  percentage of people
[15:57] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I would encourage you to try tp spearkhead that  Nintendofanboy
[15:57] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): spearhead even
[15:58] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): wow these are great
[15:58] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Where will this be posted?
[15:58] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): any other thoughts or comments
[15:58] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): on olpglobalkids.org
[15:58] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Lovely, thanks.
[15:58] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): if there are other thoughts that come to you, drop a notecard  here behind me
[15:58] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): or give it to my avatar
[15:59] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): or send it to rik@globalkids.org
[15:59] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): when is the final day of the grid.. do you know  Rik
[15:59] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): we'll post this transcript with pics soon
[15:59] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin) cracks his fingers
[15:59] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I think sometime in the 1st week of January
[15:59] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): weeell it's blog time i guess
[15:59] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): don't know the exact day
[15:59] Ponytoy (ponyboy.galaxy): LL has been very vague about when the merge will happen, only saying  "early" or "mid January"
[15:59] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): i thought it was the 31st
[15:59] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): can't wait to see your blog posts
[15:59] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): no they pushed it back to January
[15:59] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): I thought it was the 1st of jan or the thrid.
[16:00] Heatherr Vespucciano (heatherr.vespucciano): :O
[16:00] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): do you need links?
[16:00] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): yes!
[16:00] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): he can link to yours if you do
[16:00] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): where are your blogs?
[16:00] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Karissa, I expect them to atleast wait till the first week  and are fully staffed.
[16:00] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Also we have an announcement from YFC before we close
[16:00] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I'll grab rose's for you since she's afk
[16:00] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): cool thanks Blaze
[16:00] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): here's mine
[16:00] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): http://walkingthenewworld.wordpress.com/
[16:00] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Oh, alright.
[16:00] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): and, 1 sec while I get rose's
[16:00] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and that is another thing.. keep blogging..  that is another way to share info among each other
[16:00] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): Rik, thank you
[16:01] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): http://slfeed.blogspot.com/
[16:01] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and those who want to find out your point of  view
[16:01] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): Rose's blog
[16:01] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): This is Christy from YFC, and, we are  trying to survey as many of you guys as possible before the TG Closes
[16:01] Smartie Miami (smartie.miami): brb
[16:01] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): if you want, go to YFC and take the  survey, it's veyr short, you earn 20L
[16:01] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): if you want the landmark, please IM  me....
[16:01] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): and, if you would invite your friends to  take the survey too that would be great
[16:01] Nintendofanboy Whitfield (nintendofanboy.whitfield): ty Rik for letting me announce that
[16:02] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): sounds good
[16:02] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Mindight, frans or Rhiannon, I need your chat logs if you have  them BTW
[16:02] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): k
[16:02] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): can email it to you
[16:02] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): ok unless there is anything else we should wrap up
[16:02] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I think we need to get dressed up for the party later!
[16:02] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Indeed.
[16:02] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): YOu guys are going?
[16:02] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and feel free to firned any of us here if you  want to connect once we all move over
[16:02] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): or come back here for more info :)
[16:02] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): there are no tuxes that fix my robot avatar tho
[16:03] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :D:D
[16:03] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and yes.. we transfer too
[16:03] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): thanks so much for coming and participating!
[16:03] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I have one.
[16:03] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Great.
[16:03] PintoPony Moonshadow (pintopony.moonshadow): thanks for having us
[16:03] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): :>
[16:03] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): this was even better than I hoped
[16:03] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Let's see..
[16:03] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Rik, are you coming tonight?
[16:03] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): and its just the beginning of the conversation about this
[16:03] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): oh to the teen party
[16:03] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I'd really like to introduce some adults to people.
[16:03] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I'm actually on a plane in a little bit
[16:03] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): we cant visit the main grid or teen owned lands
[16:03] PS-M Wrist CPU: Flight enhancer activated.
[16:03] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Oh!
[16:03] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Where are you headed?
[16:03] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): and we aren't allowed to leavethis island
[16:03] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): part of the trust set up when we create  accounts here
[16:04] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Ah, I see.
[16:04] xChip v2.2: Now arriving in Global Kids...
[16:04] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I'm (hopefully) flying from Cali to Boston tonight
[16:04] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): Cali <3
[16:04] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): so can only be on adult owned islands of those  we have permission from or are part of a project of
[16:04] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Rhiannon, are you coming to the party tonight?
[16:04] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): feel free to hang here and chat guys
[16:04] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): so I dont think we can go to that party.. sorry  :(
[16:05] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I'm going to release Rhiannon and Frans and Midnight
[16:05] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): lol release
[16:05] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Thanks for your help folks
[16:05] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): You're welcome.
[16:05] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Darn.
[16:05] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Alright, thanks anyways ㋡
[16:05] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): now go eat some christmas chocolate or something
[16:05] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): EL OH EL!
[16:05] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:05] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Motor oil.
[16:05] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Thanks for doing this.
[16:05] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I could use some.
[16:05] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): WHAT ON EARTH
[16:05] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hahah
[16:05] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille) ate it all already
[16:05] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): Only the finest.
[16:05] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): yeah you don't want old people at your party anyway
[16:06] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): ARE YOU KIDDING ME! those old people.. party animals
[16:06] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): heh
[16:06] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): lol
[16:06] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): well, as long as they don't break a hip
[16:06] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Haha.
[16:06] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): its not a party until theres someone old there
[16:06] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I'm going to go set up. Rik if you're still awake later, then we  can tp you up to the party.
[16:06] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): lol
[16:06] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): but we caqn dance here
[16:07] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I'm going to be the only mechanic being there.
[16:07] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xd
[16:07] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): I feel SO sad.
[16:07] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa) whispers: Lol. :P
[16:07] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Rik, can I ask you something?
[16:07] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): of course
[16:07] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire) puts my face in Heyley's lap. "I'm too young to be a Teddy- hobo!"
[16:07] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): love the robot dance
[16:07] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Everyone's been IMing me asking how old you were.
[16:07] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg
[16:07] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haah
[16:07] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): xD
[16:08] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Heh
[16:08] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): tell them "very old"
[16:08] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa) laughs.
[16:08] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): btw.. I have land in the PG main grid sim of  Darkwood.. you are all welcome to hang there when you go over
[16:08] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): a very old SL sim
[16:08] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): thankyou
[16:08] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Thanks, Rhiannon ㋡
[16:08] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Yay.
[16:08] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :D
[16:08] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): find the cathedral :)
[16:08] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): Rhiannon's cathedral is awesome
[16:08] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): Thank you :)
[16:08] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): I heard rumors about dragons there, but It can't be true.
[16:08] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): ...
[16:08] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg
[16:08] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hah
[16:08] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Oh, my.
[16:08] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I keep it open to the public and even a group  that you can add to make the spot your landing home
[16:09] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): so feel free to visit/stay... :)
[16:09] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): "]
[16:09] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Alright, heading to set up.
[16:09] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): ok you guys are awesome but I need to bounce
[16:09] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Take care! Happy Holidays!
[16:09] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Bye
[16:09] PS.NIC-01 (gray.gearhead): TP me, Rose.
[16:09] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): TP me rose?
[16:09] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): have fun guys :)
[16:09] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): hope the party is fun tonght!
[16:09] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Of course
[16:09] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Happy mew year
[16:09] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Me too
[16:09] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): ㋡
[16:09] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Same~
[16:09] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): I wanna see pics!
[16:09] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith) shouts: Happy new yearrrr
[16:10] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): Of course!
[16:10] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): yeah Joyeax Noel all
[16:10] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): yes post and blog on it.. more to link :)
[16:10] Rose (rosaliehale.quintessa): I'll send you a link to my flickr.
[16:10] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): français!
[16:10] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Haha.
[16:10] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :P
[16:10] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): :)
[16:11] Karissa Silversmith (karissa.silversmith): Okay, au revoir have a good flight see ya later  all!
[16:11] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg Nick
[16:12] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): o.o;;??
[16:12] Global Kids Rocks (rik.gkid): thanks
[16:12] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille) waves
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): your a bear
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:12] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): Byebyee
[16:12] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): Yes, haha,
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg everyone is leaving
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): o.o
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): maybe
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): i should
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): too
[16:12] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire) stares at the robot with intimidation.
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): o.o
[16:12] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): CRAP
[16:12] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): take care all
[16:12] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): I type too slow!
[16:12] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and yes cute bear av
[16:12] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): Aw, thank you ^^
[16:12] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hahahaha
[16:13] Nickk Sapphire (nickk.sapphire): Nice to meet you :)
[16:14] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hmm
[16:14] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): well
[16:14] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): this merge
[16:14] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): is intense
[16:14] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haah
[16:14] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): yeah
[16:14] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I can imagine for you guys it is a big thing
[16:15] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): are you old enough that you will be going over  to the main grid
[16:16] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): nod
[16:17] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): think of it as a challenge but a good one
[16:17] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): :)
[16:17] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah.. its going to be interesting
[16:17] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): hi Frans
[16:17] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): I've just about topped off the blog post
[16:17] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Hi
[16:17] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): so you guys like MG yeah?
[16:17] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :d
[16:17] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Yes.
[16:17] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): nod, have been there since January of 2005,  both of us
[16:17] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): do you guys do anything on there?
[16:17] Blaze Borgin (blaze.borgin): ao on
[16:17] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): we also do work for clients that want spaces  creatd in the main grid
[16:18] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): oh wow
[16:18] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): beyond the land I have in that PG sim  Darkwood.. we have a company owned sim called Vesuvius
[16:18] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): whats that?
[16:18] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): http://thevesuviusgroup.com
[16:18] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): sort of like abig studio for us to work in
[16:18] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and we sometimes have events there, etc
[16:18] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): thats awesome
[16:19] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): will take a bit.. but you will gradually get  your bearings and sort content there
[16:19] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): mhm
[16:19] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I can also introduce you to a very good firend  who ahs been clothing design for a long time in the main grid
[16:20] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): reall
[16:20] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): she can probably give you pointers too
[16:20] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): y:D
[16:20] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): nod
[16:20] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): omg
[16:20] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :')
[16:20] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): Raven Pennyfeather is her name... if you find  her let her know Rhiannon told you to poke her :)
[16:20] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): okay!
[16:20] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xd
[16:20] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): my main grid av btw is Rhiannon Chatnoir
[16:21] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): so am Rhiannon in both spaces
[16:21] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and I guess soon will have 2 Rhiannon's in one  grid :P
[16:21] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:21] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xD
[16:21] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): oops
[16:21] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): mind if i add you on mg?
[16:21] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xD
[16:21] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): sure feel free to when you get there
[16:21] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): or do you have an av there too now
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): OOOOKAY!!
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): i have one there now
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): but
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): thats because i made one before a tg because i didnt know about  tg
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xD
[16:22] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): ahh
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): my teacher told me about sl and failed to tell me about tg
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:22] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): hah
[16:22] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): not as abig a deal now I guess
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[16:22] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): ahah
[16:23] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): have you been using that av much then
[16:23] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and.. least the grid won't seem as scary since  you have been there
[16:23] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): i usued to now to at all.. but lately i have.. just to see what  places i can go to
[16:23] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): and see my options
[16:23] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): nod
[16:24] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): but ill probably wait to add you after the merge because im only  using this account
[16:24] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:24] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): probably ehlsp if you have all of your  creations on this one
[16:24] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[16:24] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): ahah
[16:24] ??? (???): Yea
[16:25] ??? (???): Strange my own name just became ??? (???) in chat. The client forgot who I am! :D
[16:25] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hahah
[16:25] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): oddd saw that happen to others
[16:25] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): what viewer are you guys using? :o
[16:25] ??? (???): latest v2
[16:25] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I just downloaded the latest for the mac
[16:25] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): think he is on a pc
[16:25] ??? (???): Yes
[16:25] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): right Frans?
[16:25] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): ah! haha i either us Phoenix or viewer 1
[16:25] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:26] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): i still have viewer 1 on here too
[16:26] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): IDK! the first one is so easy to use
[16:26] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): for me
[16:26] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): hah
[16:26] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): once you are used to that yeah the second is  funkier
[16:26] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah
[16:26] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): i think you find that comment from a lot of  users
[16:26] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:26] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xD
[16:27] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Yea, it probably took time and effort to learn v1, and will  take some again for v2.
[16:27] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah haha\
[16:27] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): i would go to my school.. everyday and ask my teacher questions  about viewr 1 because i was confused
[16:27] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): then
[16:27] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): viewr 2 came out
[16:27] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): and i was like
[16:27] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): 0.0
[16:27] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): hah
[16:27] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): yeah
[16:27] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xP
[16:28] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): i tried to get my mom to play sl
[16:28] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:28] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): but
[16:28] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): ahh cool
[16:28] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): she didnt understand it
[16:29] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): haha
[16:29] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): aww.. well maybe in time
[16:29] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): and now you can play with ehr in the same space  once you change over
[16:29] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): I had a good friend who would with her daughter
[16:29] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): yeah.. alot of people dont understand.. but its actually really  interesting once you start
[16:30] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): take a bit.. there is a learning curve
[16:30] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): but yeah.. i have showed my friend sl.. and at first she wa sall
[16:30] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): 0.0
[16:30] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): and then llater she called me
[16:30] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): and asked me to make her one
[16:30] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): ahah
[16:30] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): cool
[16:31] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): so have to run off now..
[16:31] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): OOOOKAY!!
[16:31] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): :P
[16:31] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): I'm going to log off too.
[16:31] Rhiannon Ferlinghetti (rhiannon.ferlinghetti): need to email Rik the chat transcript
[16:31] Frans Marseille (frans.marseille): Was nice chatting, and maybe see you on the maingrid.
[16:31] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): OOOOKAY!!
[16:31] Hayley Seorn (hayley.seorn): xD