Teens at US Holocaust Museum Launch "Confront the Hate" Project in SmallWorlds, YouTube and Facebook!

confront the hate on Youtube confront the hate Facebook page confront the hate in SmallWorlds Square

We at Global Kids are proud to present a cool transmedia youth-directed civics project that just launched called "Confront the Hate: What You Do Matters" created by a group of high schoolers in Washington DC.  As interns in the "Stephen Tyrone Johns Summer Youth Leadership Program" at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, these teens came up with a project to engage people on issues of hatred and intolerance that incorporates a social network, a video site and a virtual world

Their motivation for this project came from both the overall mission of the Holocaust Museum and the one year anniversary of the killing of Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns on June 10, 2009. Officer Johns, who was well known to several of the young people involved with the museum, died heroically while protecting Museum visitors and staff from a brutal attacker who was a known racist and antisemite.

After considering various options, the students came up with the idea of producing a video on confronting hatred for distributing on YouTube.  Meanwhile Facebook would be the means for disseminating the video and the corresponding call to action to their social networks.  And SmallWorlds would be the virtual world space where they could create a "mission" to teach other young people about how to respond to hatred and intolerance in their own communities.

Check out how the teens integrated the various aspects of SmallWorlds into their mission, including having young people post to the SmallWorlds forums, talk to other avatars and examine different photos of intolerance from history.  You can check out the SmallWorlds space and mission yourself by creating a free account and then going to this link.  Click the scroll near the entrance to start the mission.

And without further ado, here's the video the teens created:

Congrats to all the teens involved and USHMM coordinators David Klevan and James Fleming for leading this cool project!