[VVP] Angela at The Wisconsin Conference

Wow!! Just coming to the games learning and society conference in wisconsin has been such a great opportunity that i would've never thought i would be able to have. I always wanted to come to wisconsin, because really, who goes to wisconsin? The global kids presentation was the first one of the day. In new york i had made a small sort of speech i thought would use in the panel in wisconsin. I worked on it for several days, as well as in the airport, and in the hotel the night before. I was very very nervous.

I thank rafi, barry and tabitha for helping me with what i would be saying in the panel. In the panel what i had planed to say completely change, i had my ideas organized, but i got so into it that everything just came to my head. I am having a great time in wisconsin. I thank global kids so much for this opportunity. I got to learn more about the other digital programs global kids holds, and , at other panels, the work of others.

At our panel i talked about the two machinima projects i did with the other teens at the museum of the moving image, such are the obesity psa and a child's war. I talked about the differences between a machinima and a real technique film, the fact that by using second life to make machinima teens creativity is enriched as they are making their avatars. For example in the obesity psa, the fact that the avatar at one point was overweight and then instantly lost weight, is not something you could do in a real technique film in such a short time. Another example is a child's war. In a child's war the characters are male young teens in uganda. By using second life in the virtual video program we were all able to participate, in a real technique film we wouldn't have. In a child's war i was the reporter, that didn't look anything like me; therefore in a real life technique i would have been the one who would be reporting.

I also talked about my experience using second life as an educational tool though in being a gaming environment. I learned how video game environments or video games themselves are a great tool for learning. Before i thought games as just something you do when you're home and have nothing else to do. Learning and experiencing the difference video games could do for education has helped me appreciate the gaming environment and those who are very dedicated in finding various ways like our programs to teach teens how they could make a change.