[youth voices] A Day Working at Global Kids

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My name is Ryan and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at Francis Lewis H.S. I joined a youth center called ‘The Door’. The Door’s mission is to help young people get on the right path for the future. The Door offers several programs that help the youth with their lives such as free S.A.T. tutoring, a college office, music classes, dance lessons of all kinds, job programs and much more.

I am in a job program called the 'in school youth program' (I.S.Y.P.). This program offers young people the chance to get a job as long as they are going to school. Once your paper work is filled out and school attendance records can be proven, then you get the chance of choosing a job that works alongside I.S.Y.P. There are several jobs to choose from and interviews to attend.

I choose to work with Global Kids because I enjoy helping young people and the less fortunate. I found it very interesting the way Global kids tries to educate young people. Here at Global kids, the media is used to inform us young people about the world around us. Normally teachers try to use books and lectures to teach us about problems that go on in the world, but at Global kids, games and videos are used instead. I honestly find learning from books to be sometimes boring, but when you use the media to educate the youth, you are likely have a lot more young people become educated.

My time working at Global kids has been great. I am surrounded by both bright and kind people. The people around me have been very helpful. I have learned a lot by working alongside Barry, Rafi, Krista, and Rik. I’ve gained useful skills such as creating video games, web page design and much more. I am very happy to know that by helping my co workers with the game and web designs that I am also helping the youth become more educated.