[sl] An Appreciative Teen in SL Thanks Us 

Can't say anything more, as this speaks for itself, but during the World Fit For Children festival one of the teens gave us the following notecard:

    Dear Global Kids Staff,

    If it weren't for you guys my life might be a bit....lower than where it is now. You guys spend and invest min by min just to make our lives better. Just to teach us amazingly fun lessons.

    You guys has made me and some of my fellow friends truly think we were some-body. You guys made us think that we had a true place in this world.

    Ever since I moved to TX from a small town up North my life has kind've been 'lower' than ever. With the racist kids. And the violence in our own classrooms! I mean I have no freedom. I can't even go out without a parent. But thanks to you guys my life seems to have almost no bounds!

    -You guys are so amazing-

    ~Sparrow Revolution~

This is the kind of message that let's us know our work is reaching people.

[sl] UNICEF A World Fit for Children Festival! 

Hello everyone!

As you know, GK is hosting the UNICEF A World Fit for Children Festival this week from December 18 - 22, 2006. Check out the schedule and feel free to invite your friends to vote for their favorite build, attend the dance party with Professor Henry Jenkins, and meet the judges at the award ceremony. Want more details? Please IM Tabitha GKid in world.

Monday Dec 18, 2006

All Day
Scavenger Hunt - UNICEF eggs with questions embedded based on the World Fit for Children Commitment will be spread throughout GK Island. The highest scorer by 1pm Linden will win a prize. There will be other games as well, so come check it out and have some fun!
Judge Builds - Teen get to vote on their favorite builds. Each day, new builds will be complete. Most popular build at 1pm Linden wins the daily “Most Popular of the Day” banner. The banner will be placed over the build with the highest vote counted for the day.

[radio] Voice of America Covers Release of Ayiti: The Cost of Life 

The Voice of America covered the release of Ayiti: The Cost of Life in a recent radio piece.

powered by ODEO

You can read the transcript with photos on their site.

Below is the transcript as well.


TYPE=Radio Feature
BYLINE=Adam Phillips
DATELINE=Brooklyn, New York

[blog] NMC posts about Henry Jenkins upcoming presentation 

The NMC Campus Observer spotlights Henry Jenkins upcoming visit to Global Kids island.

On December 20, at 3:00 - 4:00 PM PST, Henry Jenkins will be presenting in Second Life on We’re not playing around here!: The pedagogical potential of computer and video games.. This has ties to the work of the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Learning project, of which NMC, Global Kids, and Henry Jenkins have been participants. We have a short video interview with Henry recorded at the September 2006 meeting for this project where he talks passionately about digital media literacy.

To read more, click here.

[sl] UNICEF Teen's Reports on Joint Project in TSL with GK 

Mariel, a teenager from Mexico, came to Global Kids through our recent partnership with UNICEF's Voices of Youth site. She has been writing about her experience on both the Voices of Youth site and at her own blog. Here is her first entry:

    'A World Fit for Children' on Teen Second Life

    Educating and Raising Awareness Through Virtual Reality

    Did the World leaders that created UNICEF sixty years ago expect to be able to reach the youth and convince it to take action in matter of seconds through a machine-based program?

    Hello, everyone!

    My name is Mariel, I'm sixteen years old and I live in Mexico City. I've been a member of Voices of Youth for the last two years, and quite recently I joined a joint project of Voices of Youth and Global Kids on Teen Second Life, a 'game' that I'm sure those leaders would have loved to have sixty years ago.

    Mariel celebrating the 60th anniversary of the creation of UNICEF outside the workshop in Global Kids Island (Teen Second Life)

[print] GK Featured in the First Published Book on Second Life 

We have an entry in the newly published book on Second Life about Global Kids and the work we are doing in Second Life penned by Blue Linden himself.

[SL] Global Kids goes to San Francisco for SL Views 3 

This past week, Global Kids (in the form of Rafi Santo) took a visit to Linden Lab, creators of Second Life. GK has been working with Linden Lab closely for almost a year now. They were there when on our island broke as it was brought from the main grid to the teen grid, they were there when we opened the Camp GK maze against sex trafficking, and have been greatly supportive of our work in the teen grid. Now, we got to give a little back to Linden Lab and the Second Life community as a whole.

Every couple of months LL holds Second Life Views, a meeting where a small group of Second Life residents comes together to share views from the community on the direction of Second Life. The meeting was quite engaging, touching on many issues both about the world and community of SL as well as about the technology that makes that world possible, and, in the opinion of some, defines it.

What was most interesting was the kind of mix of people that were brought together. The group ranged from educators to programmers, non-profits to land barons, builders, people that work in climatology, even someone that owns a massive virtual airfield. Not to forget, of course, the teen representative, Alpha Zaius! The perspectives were many and varied, representing almost every type of person that might be involved in Second Life.

[vvp/teen] Human Rights, Racism in SL 

On Thursday we had a class on Human Rights. We had to do skits on either the right to have or abide by human rights, or the breaking of human rights. My group had the breaking of human rights. We had to do a skit on the act of kidnapping and torturing a person. My role in the skit was to go and and cause the victim to pass out with chloroform on a tissue. Then my affiliates came and picked the victim up and moved him out of the room and into another room (was supposedly another room anyways.) Then I put a gun to his head and made him hold boiling water as I interrogated him for information. So the skit informed us that human rights forbids these kind of acts.

[teen/sl] Return of the Intern! 

Hey everyone! This is Mercury Metropolitan, previous intern for the Camp Global Kids summer program checking in. I’ve been offered another internship with Global Kids, so I’m back! Woohoo! Let me just start off by expressing my utter gratitude and enthusiasm! I’m so excited to be back on the team and look forward to getting started on some really cool & exciting projects we have planned!

This past summer was absolutely fantastic! I learned so much and had a wonderful time as an intern. However, I was so busy that I didn’t post as much as I would have wanted to in this blog, so let me begin by detailing some of the tasks assigned to me as a Camp Global Kids intern.

I facilitated various events; the most memorable being Child Sex Trafficking Awareness and Activism, which was totally planned by myself and the other campers. That was very successful and we had an amazing turnout. Never had I really hosted such a large-scale event, and I was really proud of my ability to captivate the audience in such a way that kept them interested and thinking about the issue being discussed. There were also events throughout the program that I helped to facilitate with GK staff members. I also played a key role in the processing of workshops and activities we held by asking the group a series of questions and receiving their feedback and opinions.

[radio] BBC Reports on Camp GK 

They just, um, forgot to mention it was Camp GK...

"The idea of the Teen Grid is to act as a safe haven for younger users, free of the adult content that pervades much of the main space.

Through their avatars, Teen Second Life's young users can go shopping, hang out and island hop just as their grown-up counterparts do on the Adult Grid.

But community manager Claudia L'Amoreaux told me that the Teen Grid is also a place for young people to tackle serious global issues that affect them.

"They built this maze as a project on global sex trafficking," he said.

"They were interested in helping other students learn about it so they could protect kids around the world who are being taken advantage of. It's a way to share what it's like for kids who are held captive in the sex trade."

The walls of the maze are emblazoned with images and posters giving information on the problem. Being ensnared in the puzzle is meant to mirror the experience of being a child trapped in prostitution."

Read the full article here.