[Conf] Footage up from Sandbox Summit 

Video footage from this year's SandBox Summit now is up on YouTube. You can find the videos here.

Our own Barry Joseph gets to lead the "Show and Tell" portion of the Sandbox Summit!

[VVP] VVP Posts about the 2008 Election 

VVP Posts about the 2008 Election

Two days after the election, the Virtual Video Project students wrote their views about Obama being elected the next president of the United States.

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Something's Coming... From Lego 

As Teen Second Life continues to fail to deliver on its potential, I am as frustrated as ever by the lack of competition. But today I learned of a bright light in the distance.

While there are many interesting and entertaining virtual worlds, and a handful with good opportunities for education, few offer ANY combination of affordances that make TSL such a powerful learning environment, such as:
- The ability to create items from scratch and direct them with internal code,
- The ability to sell or trade objects and afford the new owner the ability to modify them,
- Ownership of the intellectual property within their creations, etc.

Most youth-oriented worlds share a common set of tools - avatar creation, object collecting, communication tools, currency, a personalized "home” - but only Linden Lab has created a powerful tool for collective creativity, empowering its users/residents with tools required to construct the world around them and give shape to their dreams and desires.

That is, perhaps, until now (or some time in 2009), when Lego Universe is revealed, which to the best of my knowledge is a combination virtual world/MMOG (that is, it will be a creative, social space but also contain a larger narrative with points and missions).

The Seed of Giving 

Robert Sherman has been a long time supporter of Global Kids through his position as a program officer at the Surdna Foundation.

To acknowledge his recent change from the Foundation to Mercy Corps we created this visual thank you for planting so many of the seeds at the base of our work at Global Kids.

Thanks Robert!

Apple tree

[vvp/teen] My voice 

I feel really great about this 2008 election. It's the first time that I actually participated and cared about who becomes our president. I'm not sure why, maybe its because I'm older since the last election or because I know this election would make a huge difference and impact on everyone. On November 4th I watched Barack Obama win and become the president of the United States of America. I listened to his speech and I saw the thousands of people that united. They were all different races and many probably had different beliefs. I noticed that people have opened their eyes to see that we need a change in this country, and in order for that change to take place, they voted. I am glad to have been a part of history.

[vvp/teen] Sentiment Wall 

Hey, I'm the WarriorGal. Today I came to GK a bit late so I missed the "sentiment wall," but from what I heard, it was about sharing our ideas of the post election. I'm a Republican and I didn't really want Obama to win, however I really didn't want McCain to win either. It is time for a change, and I do believe that we can. That is why I support Obama more than I support McCain. Another reason I did not like McCain was because I really dislike Palin. I will miss President Bush, but I'm looking forward to the change Obama has promised us. Well, bye-bye!


[vvp/teen] First day of blogging 

Hi, I am Sabina. I am a high school junior. This is my second year in the Global Kids Virtual Video Project.
Today in VVP, we made a sentiment wall where we shared our ideas about the post election. I think Obama will bring an economic change in America. America is in a huge debt crisis right now and many people are losing their jobs. It's very important to get out of this economic problem. However, it's going be very to tough for Obama to make a change in the American economy. After creating the sentiment wall, we played a counting a game. It was fun. Now I am very tired and can't wait to go home. biggrin.gifsmile.gifwink.gifmellow.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifbiggrin.gif

[vvp/teen] Obama4life 

I worry that Obama will be assassinated before or after he becomes president of the US, due to his race. Not only that but I also worry for Obama's family, and I also worry what people might think of Obama if he can't fix all of the problems Bush has left for him. I hope Obama can fix it and bring great success to our great nation. =]

[vvp/teen] my thoughts 

On November 4th Barrack Obama made history. I feel that Obama has a lot of stress that is put on him because of our recent president Bush. I also think that there are many people who want change and there are also many others in this country who are not ready for a black president. My teacher Mr. C. did not believe that there was going to be a black president until the next generation. I support Obama even though I am not registered to vote because in my opinion OBAMA is ready for the challenge and will give this country a BETTER reputation......... smile.gif

this was submitted by: ur gurl TAWANA


[vvp/teen] blogging! 

We are starting our blogs today! This is some pretty exciting stuff.

Now comes the question…
"How do you feel about the Sentiment wall?"

I feel that the many kinds of opinions expressed were all valid things. The fears of the economy seemed dwarfed by the type of renewed hope most people had from the election of Obama. This new hope seems to me a great light in the darkness that our country is going through right now. While much of the wall was hopeful, a few ideas were some very important concerns. The current economic problems of our country are still something that is affecting everyone. Someone expressed that they were concerned that Obama would have his name slandered from the things Bush did and how much of the blame would shift to the person having the responsibility of cleaning the mess, now Barrack Obama. Yet despite these concerns, I have many hopes that Obama is the right choice and that he will fix America to the best of his efforts.