[P4K] The end of an era 

We were very sorry to see our long-term partner, and digital advisory member, GameLab close its doors this month. GameLab partnered with Global Kids on the powerful game Ayiti: The Cost of Life and over the years published numerous game titles.

It may be the end of an era, but its also the start of something new and we look forward to what comes next for those behind GameLab.

Others commenting on the passing of GameLab:


[vvp/teen] Mets baseball game 

During my last vvp session this past Friday, one of my trainers Tabitha invited all of VVP students to a Mets game! She had extra tickets and was generous enough to share the joy. Even though I'm more of a Yankee fan than a Mets fan, I was excited to go because it was my first baseball game, ever!

I had a blast at the game, and before we left, we all got to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game with the crowd. I enjoyed seeing all of us singing and just having a good time. biggrin.gif


[Staff] Virtual Worlds: Emerging Trends for 2009 

If you haven't gotten a chance to read Barry Joseph's latest post to the MacArthur Spotlight blog on his thoughts on emerging trends in virtual worlds, you can check his post out below or on the MacArthur Spotlight blog.

MacArthur grantee Global Kids reflects on six trends in virtual worlds around learning and philanthropy.

By Barry Joseph

As RezEd enters its second year of funding from MacArthur, we thought it would be helpful to outline several trends we have seen emerging that affect learning and virtual worlds.

Trend 1: Media Tired...
The press grew tired with its love/hate relationship with Second Life, the preeminent virtual world in the public sphere, moving from wide-eyed adoration to cynical disdain. Recent signs, such as cnet’s ”Second Life Strives for a Second Wind” and Gigaom’s ”Second Life Starts to Grow Again,” suggest the pendulum might be swinging back.

We are excited to announce that on Monday May 18, the MacArthur Foundation will be officially launching MacArthur Island in Second Life with a public forum featuring Foundation President Jonathan Fanton and co-creator of Second Life, Cory Ondrejka. Ondrejka and Fanton will be discussing the future of virtual worlds and philanthropy, and then taking questions from the virtual audience. An informal reception will follow.

Virtual world / web simulcast services provided by our friends at Treet.tv.

Head to the Foundations sim (click here to teleport.) on May 18 to participate!

MacArthur Island in Virtual World to Open with Public Forum on May 18

On May 18, to mark the launch of MacArthur Island in the virtual world of Second Life, the Foundation will host an event featuring the avatars and live voices of Foundation President Jonathan Fanton and co-creator of Second Life, Cory Ondrejka. The discussion between Ondrejka and Fanton will consider the future of virtual worlds and philanthropy. This public forum also will be broadcast as a webcast to standard internet browsers.

[staff] Want to become a CTC VISTA? Work with OLP! 

*Note: We have concluded our CTC VISTA process

Work with Global Kids through the national CTC VISTA program! Gain experience in the media literacy field, helping to develop and implement game design in the New York area. Games-based learning has been proven to be a powerful way to learn. The project would be focused around this aspect, game design, helping to develop the curriculum that GK would then use to teach other educators how to incorporate game design into their programs and educational institutions. The VISTA member would help to implement this curriculum in trainings for both GK staff and for the staff at the educational institutions, gathering the materials necessary and answering questions that may occur that are focused on the curriculum. In order to make this program successful, the VISTA member would work with GK staff to help promote this program to other learning institutions, such as libraries, museums or schools.

[staff/conf/mm] Learning in a Participatory Culture 

This weekend I went with Shawna and two of the incredible GK Teen Leaders from the Media Masters program to the conference "Learning in a Participatory Culture", put on by our partners up at MIT, Project New Media Literacies.

[p4k] Second P4K Training For New York Public Library 

Yesterday we held our second Playing 4 Keeps training for the New York City Public Libraries. After completing the first half of the curriculum, they are now prepared to facilitate the second.

The librarians are SO fun to work with. They came up with a great idea during the Game Company Roleplay - you have to guide President Obama past the ghosts of dead presidents out to get him - and spent the afternoon creating their own serious game design paper prototype - Project Princess, a brilliant, hilarious game about media consolidation and the lack of an African-American Disney princess.

We covered ways to teach youth to search for information online and we received really valuable feedback about how they are adapting the programs to meet the specific needs of their sites (e.g. ask all the processing questions at once) and details about how the programs can be improve.

I can't wait to see in June what their students create to present at the first New York City Digital Youth Summit.

[P4K] Games for Change 2009 - registration open 

Here at Global Kids, we have special love for the Game for Change conference, some of that comes from helping co-found it once upon a time. So to share some of that love, we are passing along the latest news on the conference.

Registration has opened for the upcoming 2009 Games for Change conference. This year our own Barry Joseph will be speaking at three sections of the conference - on assessment, on civic engagement, and on our P4K capacity building program. In addition, if you attend, you might get to see him participate in an Iron Chef style game design competition.

Games for Change full release follows below, and after the jump:

[P4K] CONSENT! Successfully Launches in Second Life 

On Wednesday, April 8, 2009, Global Kids' Playing 4 Keeps youth created game CONSENT! launched officially in the Clemson Teaching Learning sim within the main grid of the virtual world Second Life.

The two hour event was attended by some three dozen avatars who got to be some of the first people within the main grid to play the game and many more who visited and played CONSENT! in the following days.

More info on CONSENT! after the jump.

We also received lots of great feedback and comments about CONSENT! and the game play experience. Below are a few comments left from players immediately after playing it via CONSENT!'s automatic posting of feedback to twitter.


Click here to visit and play CONSENT! within Second Life.