[didi] The D.I.D.I. Initiative comes to TSL! It’s a Party! 

You’re invited:

Who: All residents of TSL, old and new!
What: The D.I.D.I. Initiative Kick Off Extravaganza
When: Tuesday, October 16th, 4pm SLT
Where: The New D.I.D.I. Initiative Island
Why: To meet the new D.I.D.I. Initiative Global Kids Team and learn how you can get involved this fall!
How: You identify your passions. Your cause. Your vision. Then, the D.I.D.I. initiative supports you and your team to launch your own social venture either within or outside of Teen Second Life to create a lasting benefit to your community.

Want to know more? Stop by our party on Oct. 16 to meet the D.I.D.I. crew and find out how you can launch your own social entrepreneurial project. Okay, well here it is in a nutshell: When your team is ready to launch, the Initiative will offer your team:

  • Seed funding (up to $1,000 per team in the US)
  • Allies to provide advice along the way
  • Ongoing tools and support
  • An opportunity to make change possible

See you Tuesday!

[jobs] New Job Openings at Global Kids - Fall 2007 

Global Kids' Online Leadership Program has positions open in the fall of 2007.

PDFs for each position, along with a description and position status, can be viewed below. Information about applying can ONLY be found within the PDFs. Job-related questions may be asked in the comment box associated with this post.

If you wish to apply to more than one position, please respond to each position separately.

[VVP] A Child's War receives Best Student Machinima nomination! 

Following the highly successful public screening of A Child's War on September 7, 2007 at the Museum of the Moving Image, Global Kids submitted the teen-made machinima video to the Machinima Festival 2007, which will be held in Europe for the first time in October, 2007. The seven-minute film has been viewed over 2,200 times on YouTube. Recently an article on the teens who created the film was published by Alaska Airlines. Click here to read the article.

It’s now official!
A Child’s War was nominated as BEST STUDENT MACHINIMA in the Best Student category, among four other teen-made films from around the globe. The DeMontfort University in Leicester, UK, will host the award ceremony on October 13, 2007.

More details on the festival can be found by clicking here

Details on the public screening can be found by clicking here

If you have not seen A Child’s War, click here to watch it on YouTube.

[vvp] Question/Answer session in the MMI VVP presentation 

Question/Answer session in the MMI VVP presentation
September 6, 2007

Question: Chris Wisniewski- I’m curious as to what was the most exciting part of this program, what really thrilled you about being here? What kept you coming two times a week for a whole year?

Answer. Miguel - The most exciting thing about this program was learning all about the film techniques and learning how to work in Second Life. I also enjoyed gaining new skills and meeting new people. I liked working on a project where we can express ourselves.

Answer. Angela- It was a great opportunity coming here twice a week. We got more than we expected. I never thought that I would actually get to go out of state. I went to Wisconsin and Chicago to talk about my experience with machinima. It was such a great experience… It was great to not only show my work but to show the work of the other team members as well.

[vvp] Application for the Virtual Video Project is now available! 

Global Kids Online Leadership Program


Attention teachers, educators, and students!

After a successful conclusion of the after-school Virtual Video Project program last year, Global Kids will work with 20 students at the Center for Global Youth Leadership, Manhattan during the 2007-2008 school year, to continue to assist teens interested in understanding the role of digital media in their lives and creating socially-conscious films. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn a variety of skills that will empower them to become critical thinkers, media producers, and global citizens. Participants will create their own virtual films called "machinima" in a supervised, teen-only area of Second Life (www.secondlife.com), a three-dimensional, interactive, animated online community. Students will examine important social issues and create their own animated films about them. Working with recognized experts and leaders in the field of online virtual environments, students will participate in digital culture in a hands-on, thoughtful way. At the conclusion of the year-long program, students will distribute their films on the Internet, showcase them at a museum film festival, submit them to youth-media festivals and organizations, and screen them at their schools.

[press] Alaska Airlines features us in their in-flight magazine! 

If you haven't recently flown to Alaska then you might have missed this article in Alaska Airways magazine, a fantastic and well-written overview of Global Kids Virtual Video Project within a larger analysis of Henry Jenkin's ideas about developing digital literacy (along with a mention of Camp GK in Second Life). Check it out!

Download PDF of article here

From August 24-26, 2007, in Chicago, Global Kids coordinated the Non-profit and Philanthropy Thread at the Third Annual Second Life Community Convention.

This serves to collect all of our posts, photos, videos, audio, and more in one location. We will be adding to it over time, so please watch this space.

Teens listening to the SLCC Social Track on GK Island


  • Speaker Bios


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  • CRC Camp Premier Party Review 

    Hey guys It's Daniel Voyager here:

    Last time I posted was back in August when the GK CRC Camp finished. The last day at camp was on a Monday where only like 8 or so turned up because of school starting again, on our last day we had to do surveys and plan for the premier party, planning for who will do what, etc.

    Since then the SLCC came up so I took part in that on GK island listening to stations all day enjoying the live audio coming through and took some wonderful snaphots.

    On the 10th of September 2007 we had our first CRC Camp Premiere from 4-5pm EST, which was great fun and loads of friends came to join us. So this is what happened, I went to the GK Machinima Isalnd really early to set up a row of big poster snapshots of this year’s program, this was because I wanted to show everyone a better view of what happened by seeing an image of it. Also I set up some freebies for the premier, for example I made popcorn for watching the movies, including a CRC Summary notecard to give to people to give them an idea of what it is they’re watching.

    [sl/teen] My impressions on Interdependence Day V 

    Interdependence day - Mexico City

    Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to attend the first day of Interdependence Day V, a conference that’s taken place every year alter Sept. 11, 2001. This year, it’s taking place in Mexico City, which is where I live. =D

    Why Interdependence Day? After the Sept. 11 happenings (in the US), a lot of people have focused on discussing terrorism, war and loss. This conference proposes to think about the consequences of it all on interdependence: the dependence of individuals, groups and countries of each other.

    The reason why I was there yesterday is Second Life. There was a panel on the role of virtual worlds in this interdependence being streamed into the MG, and with participants both in-world and offline. It was very nice to see people that I’ve never spoken to but had actually heard of, like Mark Wallace (even if I didn’t recognize him right away). The presentations were brilliant. Sadly, a lot of the people in the audience, not getting to know the principles and practices in SL, were quick to openly classify virtual media as a set of banalities where all that 100% of the people care about is fashion and pornography.

    [SL] GK is listed in LL's Second Life Grid success stories section 

    Global Kids is listed and written about in Linden Lab's new site focusing on the Second Life Grid has a section called 'Success Stories' which highlights "interesting projects in Second Life that showcase new approaches to creating content, the use of Second Life in a particular field, or work by companies listed in the Developer Directory."